14-18 SEPTEMBER 2023

Mission #46 Personnel Roster



Number of Aircraft Assigned To This Mission: 32
Number of Combat Personnel Assigned To This Mission: 304

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Name Position Aircraft Status
Albertson, Harry Edward Togglier42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Algar, Philip Morris Pilot42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Alles, William George Bombardier42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Allio, Orion Randolph Co-pilot42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Allison, Earl Thomas Pilot41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Anderson, Charles LeRoy Radio Operator42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Anderson, Clarence Denton Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Ashcraft, Archie Bertis Pilot42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Atkinson, Owen Glenn Radio Operator42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Bachicha, Martin Paul Bombardier41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Bailey, William Eugene Navigator42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Baird, Ralph Edwin Ball Turret42-3087Spare, Returned
Baker, Earl Shelton Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Baldwin, Pendleton Gaines Navigator42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Bartholomew, Everett Laverne Engineer/Top Turret41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Baylor, Robert Bledsoe Co-pilot42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Bazhaw, Elbert Lee Engineer/Top Turret42-29688Spare, Returned
Beinar, Theophilus Edward Navigator42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Benker, Patrick Dennis Engineer/Top Turret42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Berbrich, John Martin Co-pilot42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Birnbaum, Lester (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Bishop, J T (IO) Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Bishop, Nelson M J Tail Gunner42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Blankenship, Doye Herman Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Bonnett, Charles Daniel Bombardier42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Boone, James Douglas Engineer/Top Turret42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Bornhorst, Francis Joseph Co-pilot42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Bothwell, William (NMI) Ball Turret42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Boydston, Elmer Dean Tail Gunner42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Brookings, Walter Francis Co-pilot41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Brown, William (NMI) Ball Turret42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Buckley, Arthur Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Bumpers, Frederick Scott Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Burch, Hugh Ralph Co-pilot42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Bush, Sidney Lewis Co-pilot42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Butman, Frank Henry Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Caine, William Charles Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Cameron, Francis Raymond Ball Turret42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Canziani, Arthur Leonard Navigator41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Carroll, Ralph Gordon Radio Operator42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Carter, Glen Albert Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Casey, Robert Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Cason, Alfred Gibbs Radio Operator42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Celentano, Frank A Navigator42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Chapin, Robert Charles Navigator42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Chmielecki, Stanley Anthony Engineer/Top Turret42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Christian, Kenneth Paul Charles Radio Operator42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Clayton, John Earl Co-pilot42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Cleland, Deston Kenneth Tail Gunner41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Clements, William Arlie Engineer/Top Turret41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Cloud, Doy Jennings Radio Operator42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Cochran, David Leon Engineer/Top Turret42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Coleman, Lester Kenneth Ball Turret42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Collins, Bernard John Navigator42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Collins, Donald Ivan Ball Turret42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Compton, James Harold Radio Operator42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Compton, Robert Lewis Tail Gunner42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Connors, Albert William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Copeland, Carter Glenn Navigator42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Cosentino, George (NMI) Pilot42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Coughlin, James Phillip Navigator42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Couture, Clement Adrian Ball Turret42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Covington, Royston Truitt Pilot42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Craden, Solomon (NMI) Ball Turret42-37924Spare, Returned
Credidio, Anthony Joseph Bombardier42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Crippen, Creig B Engineer/Top Turret42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Crist, Vern Warren Navigator42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Crown, Richard Keith Bombardier42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Curtin, John Quinn Navigator42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Curtis, William Stanley Ball Turret42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Dahms, Rex John Radio Operator42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Davis, David Harold Bombardier42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Dennison, James Edward Ball Turret42-37848Completed, Uninjured
DeWitt, Robert Courtney Navigator42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Dolf, Richard Merle Bombardier42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Douglas, James Clifton Ball Turret42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Dow, Carleton Frederick Bombardier42-3087Spare, Returned
Dowsley, Felix Raymond Engineer/Top Turret42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Drogue, Arthur Joseph Navigator42-29717Completed, Uninjured
DuBois, John Jay Navigator42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Dupuis, George Edward Radio Operator42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Emmons, James Vincent Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29688Spare, Returned
Estes, Thomas Jefferson Pilot42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Farthing, Frank (NMI) Co-pilot42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Figley, Wilbert Guy Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Fless, Gustave (NMI) Radio Operator42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Flynn, James E Radio Operator42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Fornear, Thomas Southern Bombardier42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Fowlkes, Calvin Oscar Lewis Engineer/Top Turret41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Gadd, Elliott Leroy Co-pilot42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Gager, Homer Dwight Radio Operator42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Gardner, Sam (NMI) Bombardier41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Garrett, James Patrick Bombardier42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Gilrane, Harry Alexander Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37924Spare, Returned
Goetz, Jack Keith Engineer/Top Turret42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Gorham, Donald Frederick Ball Turret42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Graeb, William Louis Tail Gunner42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Greene, Frank Palmer Tail Gunner42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Gregerson, Allan Harold Engineer/Top Turret42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Gregori, Aldo Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Grimaldi, Anthony Joseph Navigator42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Grimes, Robert Albert Tail Gunner41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Grimmett, James Harold Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Gudyka, Peter (NMI) Navigator42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Hamm, Morton Washington Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Hardtmann, Arnold John Engineer/Top Turret42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Hardy, Emmet Francis Tail Gunner42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Harvey, Ralph Oscar Navigator42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Harvey, Walter Lewis Pilot42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Hawkins, Charles Joseph Radio Operator42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Heintzelman, David Leroy Ball Turret42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Herbert, Joseph Robert Pilot42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Herman, Howard S Radio Operator42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Hern, Wallace Currie Bombardier42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Hines, James Wesley Pilot42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Hitchcock, Carl Edwin Radio Operator42-29688Spare, Returned
Holzbaur, Frederick Morris Navigator42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Honeycutt, John Samuel Engineer/Top Turret42-37924Spare, Returned
Hopkins, James Russell Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3087Spare, Returned
Horsky, Marvin Lewis Navigator42-37924Spare, Returned
Horton, Lloyd (NMI) Co-pilot42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Howard, Hiram Glenn Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Huber, Robert Thomas Navigator41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Humble, Joe Thomas Tail Gunner42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Hunt, Leo Albert Engineer/Top Turret42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Hunt, Walter Francis Tail Gunner42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Hurley, Joseph Anthony Co-pilot42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Hutchison, William Wilde Engineer/Top Turret42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Inman, Loren Alexander Co-pilot42-29688Spare, Returned
Jackson, Winthrop Alsop Co-pilot42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Jacobs, Randolph George Edward Pilot42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Jarvis, Francis Harrison Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Jeter, Sydney Ryland Pilot42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Johnson, Robert O (1943) Engineer/Top Turret42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Johnston, Thomas Theadora Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Jones, William Arch Pilot42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Kaczaraba, William (NMI) Pilot42-37924Spare, Returned
Kalinsky, Morris (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Kardos, Louis Julius Tail Gunner41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Kass, Robert Hiler Co-pilot42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Kaufman, Vernon Herman Ball Turret41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Kenney, Paul E (IO) Bombardier42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Kerr, Robert Eugene Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Ketelsen, Raymond Paul Commander42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Kew, William Joseph Pilot42-3087Spare, Returned
Kobes, Eugene Paul Navigator42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Kohl, John Gustave Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Kolassa, Edward Leonard Engineer/Top Turret42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Koscheski, Clyde Anderson Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Kouski, William Louis Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Kramer, Herman Drummond Bombardier42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Laboda, Joseph Stanley Pilot42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Laubenstein, William Frederick Radio Operator41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Laviolette, Roland Bernard Engineer/Top Turret42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Lee, Donald Robert Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Lewandowski, Thomas Michael Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Lindsey, William Howard Tail Gunner42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Lisch, John Robert Ball Turret42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Lisenby, Miles Frederick Radio Operator42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Littleton, George James Bombardier42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Lovell, James MacNaughton Pilot41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Lunceford, John William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3087Spare, Returned
Mabe, Walter Breeden Tail Gunner42-5444Completed, Uninjured
MacDonald, Donald Van Buskirk Engineer/Top Turret42-31045Completed, Uninjured
MacPhail, Philip Ray Pilot42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Madden, Joseph Francis Engineer/Top Turret42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Madl, Ferdinand Jacob Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Majewski, Casmer Robert Tail Gunner42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Markiewicz, John Henry Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37924Spare, Returned
Maziarka, Stanley Walter Ball Turret42-29703Completed, Uninjured
McAnally, Bernie Thomas Observer42-29632Completed, Uninjured
McClanahan, James Clifton Bombardier42-30026Completed, Uninjured
McClure, Charles Roesler Ball Turret42-37816Completed, Uninjured
McDuffie, Burton Curtis Tail Gunner42-37801Completed, Uninjured
McGovern, Vincent James Bombardier42-37816Completed, Uninjured
McGuinn, Thomas Patrick Bombardier42-37793Completed, Uninjured
McKay, Kenneth Mitchel Ball Turret42-30026Completed, Uninjured
McKittrick, Vernon Russell Navigator42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Merritt, James Melvin Pilot42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Meyer, Robert Herman Navigator42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Miller, James Gilmore Co-pilot42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Mills, William J (IO) Co-pilot42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Milstead, Willard Cleo Ball Turret42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Mitchell, Charles Floyd Tail Gunner42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Montz, Nemours Albert Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Moore, Clifford Orville Pilot42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Moore, Howard Milton Radio Operator42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Morgan, James Edward Co-pilot42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Morgan, Myron Clinton Co-pilot42-37924Spare, Returned
Morris, Richard William Bombardier42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Murphy, David Williams Bombardier42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Nagel, Jack Cameron Navigator41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Narog, John (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Nelson, Francis Page Co-pilot41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Nicklett, Charles Edwin Co-pilot42-3087Spare, Returned
Nilo, Anthony (NMI) Navigator42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Nutt, Oliver Wayne Tail Gunner42-39784Completed, Uninjured
O'Hara, Irvan Guy Navigator42-3087Spare, Returned
Ohlson, Floyd Henry Navigator42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Oien, Clarence Holger Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Oldham, Jesse Zera Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Olson, Harry Howard Ball Turret42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Onstad, William Walter Ball Turret42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Oppenheimer, Kenneth Harold Navigator42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Osepchook, Arthur John Ball Turret42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Outen, Charles Levi Pilot42-29688Spare, Returned
Pardee, Raymond Floyd Tail Gunner42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Parmer, Warren Edward Bombardier42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Parsons, Lawrence Lincoln Tail Gunner42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Pavlisko, John Arthur Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Peifer, Wilbur Allen Radio Operator42-37924Spare, Returned
Pelkey, Arthur Symonds Tail Gunner42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Peloke, Dale Dean Tail Gunner42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Penney, Comus Robert Co-pilot42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Persoskie, Metro (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Philippi, Norbert Francis Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Pierce, Ralph Emerson Tail Gunner42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Pinger, Harvey Klarner Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Plotz, John James Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Polley, George Gibson Tail Gunner42-37924Spare, Returned
Porter, Edward Eugene Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Puckett, Noah Lee Radio Operator42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Purdy, Joseph Francis Radio Operator42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Rabby, Carlos James Co-pilot42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Ralph, Robert Edward Ball Turret41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Ranallo, Sam David Radio Operator42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Ray, William Charles Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Reed, Merlin Howard Pilot42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Riggins, George Clifton Co-pilot42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Rininsland, Bruce Martin Co-pilot42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Ripley, Carlyle David Tail Gunner42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Robertson, Frank Garland Radio Operator41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Robinson, Robert Lawrence Pilot42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Ross, Burton Raymond Pilot41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Ross, James William Engineer/Top Turret42-3087Spare, Returned
Rotondi, George William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Ryberg, John Edward Bombardier42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Rymer, Albert Ray Bombardier42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Schekel, Lorin Edwin Tail Gunner42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Schimenek, John Francis Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Schock, George William Co-pilot42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Schutz, George Frederick Co-pilot42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Schwandt, Lawrence Clarence Radio Operator42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Schwartz, Julius Sol Navigator42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Seibel, James Edward Bombardier41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Self, James Melvin Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Shannon, Lucian Glenroie Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Shattuck, Jack Dale Navigator42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Shipley, Charles Marion Radio Operator42-3087Spare, Returned
Skerko, John (NMI) Ball Turret42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Small, Herbert William Co-pilot41-24560Completed, Uninjured
Smart, Samuel Hayes Ball Turret42-39784Completed, Uninjured
Sopher, Francis Walton Radio Operator42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Stamm, Murray Raymond Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Stammel, Edward Raymond Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Stanley, James Farrell Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Stearman, Charles Lee Verne Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29717Completed, Uninjured
Stumpf, Howard Martin Radio Operator42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Swanson, Kenneth John Bombardier42-31045Completed, Uninjured
Swineford, Homer Howard Engineer/Top Turret42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Taylor, Sidney Paul Pilot42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Tenborg, George Laurence Ball Turret42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Tessmer, Warren David Ball Turret41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Thompson, Siguard (NMI) Pilot42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Threet, Elmer Ellwood Ball Turret42-29688Spare, Returned
Traynor, James Patrick Engineer/Top Turret42-3051Completed, Uninjured
Ulrey, Edgar Ellsworth Pilot42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Uniszkiewicz, Joseph Kenneth Navigator42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Ursta, George Ball Turret42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Van der Haeghen, Joseph Albert Pilot42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Van Gorkom, Lester Wilson Ball Turret42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Van Riper, Charles (NMI) Tail Gunner42-31274Completed, Uninjured
Vezina, Thomas Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Voorhees, Ralph Warner Tail Gunner42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Vorisek, Donald Thomas Engineer/Top Turret42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Wager, Lawrence Holmes Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-39888Completed, Uninjured
Wagner, Fred S Radio Operator42-37801Completed, Uninjured
Wallace, Virgil Leonard Engineer/Top Turret42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Warshawsky, Morris (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Wasilewski, Aleck Michael Tail Gunner42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Watenpool, Jerome Francis Engineer/Top Turret42-37885Completed, Uninjured
Welch, Gordon Michael Bombardier42-29688Spare, Returned
Wellman, Robert Francis Radio Operator42-29723Completed, Uninjured
Wells, Richard Llewellyn Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3051Completed, Uninjured
West, George Berry Pilot42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Wheeler, Glenn Preston Tail Gunner42-29688Spare, Returned
Whipple, Charles Thomas Tail Gunner42-3087Spare, Returned
White, Frederick Louis Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Whitney, Stanley Clifford Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, Eugene Theodore Navigator42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, James Marvin Bombardier42-31246Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, Jerome Frank Engineer/Top Turret42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, William Monroe Pilot42-37781Completed, Uninjured
Wirth, Theodore Matthew Bombardier42-37924Spare, Returned
Wolf, Richard Vance Pilot42-37776Completed, Uninjured
Wood, Charles Stoddart Navigator42-29688Spare, Returned
Woodall, Arthur James Radio Operator41-24525Completed, Uninjured
Woodard, Everett Durwood Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Wyman, Donald George Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29688Spare, Returned
Yaskow, Peter Thomas Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31222Completed, Uninjured
Yeater, James Thomas Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30026Completed, Uninjured
Younker, John Joseph Engineer/Top Turret42-37793Completed, Uninjured
Yount, Donald Laverne Co-pilot42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Zebrowski, Joseph Anthony Bombardier42-31274Completed, Uninjured