Schutz, George Frederick, Jr

Individual Personnel Data
Name Schutz, George Frederick, Jr
Rank Second Lieutenant
Serial Number O-680733
Unit Assignments Assigned to the 546th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #121 dated 18 October 1943, effective 18 October 1943.
Duty Co-pilot
MOS1091 - Pilot, B-17
Last Duty Date 22 February 1944
Results Killed In Action
Final Resting Place or Memorial: Cambridge American Cemetery, Cambridge, England: Plot F Row 6 Grave 41
Additional Information
  • Granted a seven day sick leave effective on or about 30 January 1944 per AF Station 106 Special Orders #20 dated 28 January 1944.
  • Placed on seven days Temporary Duty on or about 12 February 1944 to Air Force Officers Rest Home, Stanbridge Earls, Hampshire (a Flak house) per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #27 dated 9 February 1944.
Related Documents Accident Report # 44-02-22-511 (22.753 MB)
Photo Album:Crew Photo Album

Crew Composition When Assigned to the 384th BG
Replacement Combat Crew
2nd Lt. Jeter, Sydney Ryland, JrPilotKIA
2nd Lt. Schutz, George Frederick, JrCo-pilotKIA
T/SGT. Shattuck, Jack DaleNavigatorCT
2nd Lt. Swanson, Kenneth JohnBombardierCT
T/SGT. Dupuis, George EdwardRadio Operator / GunnerKIA
T/SGT. MacDonald, Donald Van BuskirkEngineer / Top Turret GunnerKIA
S/SGT. Lisch, John Robert, "Bob"Ball Turret GunnerKIA
S/SGT. Scheffer, Edgar A (IO)Tail GunnerKIA
T/SGT. Madl, Ferdinand JacobFlexible GunnerKIA
S/SGT. Persoskie, Metro (NMI)Flexible GunnerKIA

Missions, Aircraft, Crews
This individual was credited with 5 Combat Missions.
Number Date Target Position Aircraft Mission/Sortie Information
35 5 November 1943 Target: Railroad Marshalling Yards
Type: Transportation
Location: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Co-pilot 41‑24575 Combat Mission Credit
Sortie Report
38 29 November 1943 Target: Port Area
Type: Transportation
Location: Bremen, Germany
Co-pilot 42‑29636 Combat Mission Credit
Flying spare; joined formation.
Sortie Report
43 16 December 1943 Target: Port Area
Type: Transportation
Location: Bremen, Germany
Co-pilot 42‑37776 Combat Mission Credit
Sortie Report
46 24 December 1943 Target: NOBALL (V-1 Launch Site)
Type: CROSSBOW (V-Weapons)
Location: Croisette, France
Co-pilot 42‑31045 Combat Mission Credit
Composite group.
Sortie Report
48 31 December 1943 Target: Blockade Runner 'Orsone' (name of ship)
Type: Transportation
Location: [Mouth of River Garonne], France
Co-pilot 42‑31045 Combat Mission Credit
Landed away at Chelveston; bombs jettisoned.
Sortie Report
64 21 February 1944 Target: Fighter Field & Aircraft Storage Depot
Type: German Air Force (Luftwaffe)
Location: Werl, Germany
Co-pilot 42‑31516 Aborted mission after taking off.
High Squadron deputy, lead group. Aborted because #3 prop began throwing oil excessively, was feathered for examination, and could not be unfeathered.
Sortie Report
65 22 February 1944 Target: Aircraft Factory
Type: Aircraft Industry
Location: Halberstadt & Aschersleben, Germany
Co-pilot 42‑31516 41B Group. Collided with 42‑38041 from 303rd BG, Molesworth, while forming up at 0956; crashed near Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire; only survivors were bombardier and navigator who parachuted to safety.
Sortie Report

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