Mission #35 Personnel Roster



Number of Aircraft Assigned To This Mission: 22
Number of Combat Personnel Assigned To This Mission: 212

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Name Position Aircraft Status
Adair, Norman Ray Radio Operator42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Albertson, Harry Edward Togglier42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Alles, William George Bombardier42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Arquette, Leroy Arthur Bombardier42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Ashcraft, Archie Bertis Pilot42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Atkinson, Owen Glenn Radio Operator42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Bailey, William Eugene Navigator42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Baker, Earl Shelton Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Barkhurst, David Luther Engineer/Top Turret41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Barrett, Richard Jennings Tail Gunner42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Bartholomew, Everett Laverne Engineer/Top Turret42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Barto, Louis Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Baylor, Robert Bledsoe Co-pilot42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Beaty, Earl Richard Engineer/Top Turret42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Bedsole, Joseph Linyer Pilot42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Benker, Patrick Dennis Engineer/Top Turret42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Berbrich, John Martin Co-pilot42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Birnbaum, Lester (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Bishop, J T (IO) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Brewer, Albert (NMI) Tail Gunner42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Buck, William Edward Commander42-3527Completed, Uninjured
Canziani, Arthur Leonard Navigator42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Cappelletti, Mike Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Carroll, George Henry Radio Operator42-30033Aborted
Carter, T L (IO) Pilot42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Casey, Robert Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Cecil, Boyd Allen Navigator42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Chaperon, Phillip William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Chapin, Robert Charles Navigator42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Connelly, Gordon Raker Togglier42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Connors, Albert William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Corrigan, Theodore Bernard Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Cosentino, George (NMI) Co-pilot42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Coughlin, James Phillip Navigator42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Craden, Solomon (NMI) Ball Turret42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Crown, Richard Keith Bombardier42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Curtis, William Stanley Ball Turret41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Dailey, Donald William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Davis, Edward Douglas Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Deniro, Francis Raymond Bombardier41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Dennison, James Edward Ball Turret42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Dillingham, Maurice Stanley Commander42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Dowsley, Felix Raymond Engineer/Top Turret42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Drake, Sam Ellis Bombardier42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Drennan, Robert Gerard Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Dupuis, George Edward Radio Operator41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Easley, Curtis (NMI) Radio Operator42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Edwards, William Leroy Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Estes, Lloyd Stack Engineer/Top Turret42-30033Aborted
Fernandez, Severino Jean Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Fields, Leon (NMI) Co-pilot42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Fleenor, Charles Thurman Bombardier42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Fless, Gustave (NMI) Radio Operator42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Flynn, Timothy Francis Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Fulwider, Albert Clayton Ball Turret41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Furber, Donald Wilson Co-pilot42-30033Aborted
Gager, Homer Dwight Radio Operator42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Garrett, James Patrick Bombardier42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Garrison, Keith M Navigator42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Gerow, Francis (NMI) Radio Operator42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Goulder, Edmund Samuel Pilot42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Greene, Frank Palmer Tail Gunner42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Gregorich, Vincent (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Grimaldi, Anthony Joseph Navigator42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Groh, Harold Chester Navigator42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Hamm, Morton Washington Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Hardy, Emmet Francis Tail Gunner42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Harris, Arthur Claude Navigator42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Harrison, Joseph Horatio Navigator42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Harvey, Harry Blakely Navigator42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Hawkins, Charles Joseph Radio Operator42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Hayes, George Clayborne Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Heintzelman, David Leroy Ball Turret42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Heiss, John Lawrence Bombardier42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Hern, Wallace Currie Bombardier42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Holzbaur, Frederick Morris Navigator42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Honeycutt, John Samuel Engineer/Top Turret42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Horsky, Marvin Lewis Navigator42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Horton, Lloyd (NMI) Co-pilot42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Hotis, Leo Constantine Ball Turret42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Householder, Allen (NMI) Radio Operator41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Howard, Hiram Glenn Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Hubbard, Warren Emmett Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Hunt, Leo Albert Engineer/Top Turret42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Hutchison, William Wilds Engineer/Top Turret42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Jeter, Sydney Ryland Pilot41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Johnson, Robert O (1943) Engineer/Top Turret42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Johnston, Thomas Theadora Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Jones, William Arch Pilot42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Jylkka, Reino Oswal Navigator41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Kaczaraba, William (NMI) Pilot42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Kazmerski, John Thomas Navigator42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Kinney, William Brownie Bombardier42-30033Aborted
Kolassa, Edward Leonard Engineer/Top Turret42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Kramer, Herman Drummond Bombardier42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Lacroix, James Joseph Bombardier42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Leach, Kenneth (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Lekas, Frank (NMI) Tail Gunner41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Leslie, Claude Robert Ball Turret42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Lindsey, William Howard Tail Gunner42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Lisch, John Robert Ball Turret41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Littleton, George James Bombardier42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Loomis, Dorman George Ball Turret42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Lovvorn, Hollie Ray Co-pilot42-31073Completed, Uninjured
MacDonald, Donald Van Buskirk Engineer/Top Turret41-24575Completed, Uninjured
MacPhail, Philip Ray Pilot42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Madden, Joseph Francis Radio Operator42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Madl, Ferdinand Jacob Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Manning, Raymond Walter Co-pilot42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Markiewicz, John Henry Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Markow, Henry Victor Co-pilot42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Marshall, Milford (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Martell, Warren Harding Tail Gunner41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Martin, Rudolph Alfred Pilot42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Maruszak, Karol Leonard Engineer/Top Turret42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Mason, Jack Leslie (#2) Radio Operator42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Mazewski, Michael Henry Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Maziarka, Stanley Walter Ball Turret42-29703Completed, Uninjured
McCafferty, John Andrew Navigator41-24578Completed, Uninjured
McGovern, Vincent James Bombardier41-24557Completed, Uninjured
McKay, Kenneth Mitchel Ball Turret42-29935Completed, Uninjured
McMichael, Marion Louis Tail Gunner42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Miller, Robert Lee Ball Turret42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Mills, William J (IO) Tail Gunner42-3527Completed, Uninjured
Milstead, Willard Cleo Ball Turret42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Mitchell, Charles Floyd Tail Gunner42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Montz, Nemours Albert Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Morgan, James Edward Co-pilot42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Morgan, Myron Clinton Co-pilot42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Nelson, Darwin George Pilot42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Nelson, Earl James Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Nelson, Francis Page Co-pilot42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Nichols, Melvin Allen Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Oien, Clarence Holger Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Oppenheimer, Kenneth Harold Navigator42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Osepchook, Arthur John Ball Turret42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Paige, Robert Eugene Ball Turret42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Parker, Peter Franklin Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Parsons, Lawrence Lincoln Tail Gunner42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Pastorella, John Paul Tail Gunner42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Paula, Placido John Ball Turret42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Pavlisko, John Arthur Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Peloke, Dale Dean Tail Gunner42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Persoskie, Metro (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Pierce, Ralph Emerson Tail Gunner42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Pisarski, Joseph Frank Radio Operator42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Plotz, John James Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Polito, Michael John Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30033Aborted
Polley, George Gibson Tail Gunner42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Porter, Edward Eugene Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Price, William Merriman Pilot42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Ralph, Robert Edward Ball Turret42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Ramsey, William Marion Engineer/Top Turret41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Ranallo, Sam David Radio Operator42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Reed, Merlin Howard Pilot42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Renfro, Alvin Everette Tail Gunner42-30033Aborted
Retherford, Archie (NMI) Tail Gunner42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Riggins, George Clifton Co-pilot42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Rininsland, Bruce Martin Co-pilot42-29636Completed, Uninjured
Ripley, Carlyle David Tail Gunner42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Robinson, Robert Lawrence Pilot42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Robison, John Timothy Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Ross, Burton Raymond Pilot42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Rotondi, George William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Scheffer, Edgar A (IO) Tail Gunner41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Schock, George William Co-pilot42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Schutz, George Frederick Co-pilot41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Schwartz, Julius Sol Navigator42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Schweikart, John William Navigator42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Seager, Francis Marvin Tail Gunner42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Sears, William Francis Radio Operator42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Seibel, James Edward Bombardier42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Shattuck, Jack Dale Navigator41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Sigler, Edwin Robert Radio Operator42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Smith, Bob (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Smith, Harry Bailey Co-pilot42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Smith, Robert Eugene Radio Operator42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Snyder, Charles Leslie Radio Operator41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Sopher, Francis Walton Engineer/Top Turret42-29632Completed, Uninjured
Soto, Roman Serrano Radio Operator42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Stamm, Murray Raymond Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Stauffer, Karl Fred Ball Turret42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Stearns, Clarence Grover Pilot41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Stumpf, Howard Martin Radio Operator42-29703Completed, Uninjured
Sundlun, Bruce George Pilot41-24557Completed, Uninjured
Swanson, Kenneth John Bombardier41-24575Completed, Uninjured
Taylor, Homer William Tail Gunner42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Thomasson, Edward Arthmur Engineer/Top Turret42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Thompson, James Westerfield Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5404Completed, Uninjured
Thurman, Fillman Clifton Ball Turret42-30033Aborted
Treat, Royal DeWitt Engineer/Top Turret42-29927Completed, Uninjured
Turner, John Harvey Ball Turret42-29768Completed, Uninjured
Ulrey, Edgar Ellsworth Pilot42-37848Completed, Uninjured
Urton, Raymond Lee Co-pilot41-24578Completed, Uninjured
Van der Haeghen, Joseph Albert Pilot42-30033Aborted
Vezina, Thomas Joseph Tail Gunner42-37816Completed, Uninjured
Vodilko, Michael Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Voorhees, Ralph Warner Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30033Aborted
Ward, Clarence Howard Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Wheeler, Glenn Preston Ball Turret42-29987Completed, Uninjured
White, Frederick Louis Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, Eugene Theodore Navigator42-30033Aborted
Wilson, Gerald Eugene Engineer/Top Turret42-31073Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, James Marvin Bombardier42-37758Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, William Monroe Pilot42-29651Completed, Uninjured
Wirth, Theodore Matthew Bombardier42-5051Completed, Uninjured
Wismann, William Charles Bombardier42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Witt, Francis John Co-pilot42-29987Completed, Uninjured
Wolf, Richard Vance Pilot42-29935Completed, Uninjured
Woodall, Arthur James Radio Operator42-3259Completed, Uninjured
Yelvington, Melton Albert Pilot42-29554Completed, Uninjured
Zitnik, Charles Allen Co-pilot41-24557Completed, Uninjured