Mission #20 Personnel Roster



Number of Aircraft Assigned To This Mission: 18
Number of Combat Personnel Assigned To This Mission: 181

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Name Position Aircraft Status
Abramowitz, Abraham B Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Albertson, Harry Edward Tail Gunner41-24557Aborted
Anderson, Clarence Denton Radio Operator42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Arquette, Leroy Arthur Bombardier42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Ashcraft, Archie Bertis Pilot42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Aufmuth, Lester Herbert Pilot42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Aune, Rudolph (NMI) Tail Gunner42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Bachmann, Carl Edward Tail Gunner42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Baldwin, Pendleton Gaines Navigator42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Bartholomew, Everett Laverne Engineer/Top Turret42-29935Aborted
Beaty, Earl Richard Engineer/Top Turret42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Beaupre, Jerome Bernard Radio Operator42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Begab, Meyer (NMI) Navigator42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Black, David Hall Navigator42-29935Aborted
Blount, Wilbourne Earl Navigator42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Boger, Eugene Arthur Co-pilot42-29651Aborted
Bollinger, Ardell Henry Radio Operator42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Boomhower, William (NMI) Bombardier42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Boyce, Ernest Marshall Co-pilot42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Broat, Arthur E Navigator41-24557Aborted
Brown, Robert E Bombardier42-29768Aborted
Capps, Milburn Perry Engineer/Top Turret41-24557Aborted
Carlson, Clyde Pemberton Bombardier42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Carr, Marcus Ernest Radio Operator42-3041Aborted
Carter, Glen Albert Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Carter, T L (IO) Co-pilot42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Cecil, Boyd Allen Bombardier41-24557Aborted
Cloud, Doy Jennings Radio Operator42-29651Aborted
Cochran, David Leon Engineer/Top Turret42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Coleman, Lee Browning Co-pilot42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Compton, Robert Lewis Tail Gunner42-29651Aborted
Curtin, John Quinn Navigator42-29651Aborted
Dacus, Judson Leroy Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Davis, David Harold Bombardier42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Davis, Edward Douglas Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24557Aborted
Dinndorf, Arthur Robert Bombardier42-3041Aborted
Downe, Charles Owen Navigator42-5720Completed, Uninjured
DuBois, John Jay Navigator42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Dziura, Edward (NMI) Tail Gunner42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Estes, Thomas Jefferson Pilot42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Eudey, William (NMI) Navigator42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Faulkiner, Russel Ruben Pilot42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Fields, James Richard Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Fields, Leon Co-pilot42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Fisher, Charles Alfred Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Fisher, James J Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Frink, Horace Everett Pilot42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Froeschle, Rudolph Phillip Co-pilot42-3041Aborted
Furber, Donald Wilson Co-pilot41-24557Aborted
Furrey, Thomas Edwin Engineer/Top Turret42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Gase, Albert Francis Tail Gunner42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Givens, Paul Steurer Bombardier42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Goetz, Jack Keith Engineer/Top Turret42-29651Aborted
Gorham, Donald Frederick Ball Turret42-29651Aborted
Goulder, Edmund Samuel Pilot42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Grant, Ralph Gilbert Tail Gunner42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Gregori, Aldo Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29651Aborted
Griffin, Daniel (NMI) Ball Turret42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Griffith, Roy Wesley Radio Operator42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Haley, Bruce Thomas Navigator42-29768Aborted
Hamblin, Oscar Klass Engineer/Top Turret42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Harris, Arthur Claude Navigator42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Harris, George Warren Pilot42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Harry, William Russell Pilot42-29935Aborted
Harvey, Harry Blakely Navigator42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Harvey, Walter Lewis Co-pilot42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Hawes, Harry Albert Bombardier42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Hawkins, Joe M Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Hegstad, Lester Olaf Navigator42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Hern, Wallace Currie Bombardier42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Higdon, Philip E Pilot42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Hitzeroth, Franklin Carl Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29914POW
Holland, Warren Benjamin Co-pilot42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Holloway, Durwood Harmon Engineer/Top Turret42-29768Aborted
Humphrey, Edward J Tail Gunner42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Iverson, Bennie Franklin Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29935Aborted
Jacobs, Randolph George Edward Pilot42-29651Aborted
Jennings, Romulus Call Radio Operator42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Jensen, James Chris Bombardier42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Jessup, Schley Howard Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3041Aborted
Jett, James Loveless Engineer/Top Turret42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Johnson, Merle (NMI) Co-pilot42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Johnston, Lawrence Edwin Bombardier42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Jones, Justin Ralph Pilot42-29914POW
Kalas, Joseph Markus Ball Turret42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Kelly, James Henry Co-pilot42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Kelly, Leonard Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Kemp, George James Tail Gunner42-3041Aborted
Killin, Roland Leroy Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Kirby, Charles Lawrence Radio Operator42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Kuhl, Ernest Earl Ball Turret42-29914POW
Lane, Dennis Joseph Ball Turret42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Leigh, James Carl Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Leith, Francis (NMI) Tail Gunner42-29914POW
Leslie, Claude Robert Ball Turret42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Lindsey, William Howard Tail Gunner42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Mannka, Charles Pershing Bombardier42-29935Aborted
Marshall, Dean William Engineer/Top Turret42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Martin, Rudolph Alfred Co-pilot42-29768Aborted
Mazer, Nathan Herschel Observer42-3429Completed, Uninjured
McDuffie, Burton C Tail Gunner42-3429Completed, Uninjured
McKenna, John Conat Ball Turret42-29935Aborted
McLain, Willard Douglas Ball Turret42-5843Completed, Uninjured
McMahon, James Joseph Pilot42-3041Aborted
McManus, Edward Joseph Co-pilot42-29914POW
McMath, James Gordon Co-pilot42-5720Completed, Uninjured
McNutt, Julius Frederick Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Merritt, James Melvin Co-pilot42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Milstead, Willard Cleo Ball Turret42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Mizgorski, Aloysius William Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Morley, James Patrick Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Nealis, Leonard Martin Eugene Engineer/Top Turret42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Nelson, Earl James Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Nilo, Anthony (NMI) Navigator42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Oien, Clarence Holger Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Olson, Harry Howard Ball Turret42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Oppenheimer, Kenneth Harold Navigator42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Ott, Robert Edward Ball Turret42-29768Aborted
Paige, Robert Eugene Ball Turret41-24557Aborted
Parent, Leroy (NMI) Tail Gunner42-29935Aborted
Parks, Howard David Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3459Completed, Uninjured
Parmer, Warren Edward Bombardier42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Peirce, Richard Jackson Navigator42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Perkins, Asbury Lee Radio Operator42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Peters, Harold Dan Navigator42-29914POW
Pharr, Keating Sams Tail Gunner42-29768Aborted
Pierce, Kermit Aubrey Bombardier42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Pisarski, Joseph Frank Radio Operator42-29768Aborted
Price, Robert Kyle Engineer/Top Turret42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Price, William Merriman Pilot42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Pulcipher, Ralph Robert Pilot42-5843Completed, Uninjured
Purdy, Joseph Francis Radio Operator42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Ralston, William Clark Engineer/Top Turret42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Redding, George Thomas Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Reilly, John Vincent Radio Operator42-29914POW
Retherford, Archie (NMI) Tail Gunner42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Rice, Ivan Luther Co-pilot42-29935Aborted
Riggins, George Clifton Co-pilot42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Ripley, Seth Thomas Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29768Aborted
Ross, Burton Raymond Co-pilot42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Ross, William Howard Tail Gunner42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Ruch, Edward Fred Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Ryberg, John Edward Bombardier42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Saperstein, Harry (NMI) Ball Turret42-3455Completed, Uninjured
Saunders, Paul Ralph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Savage, Clyde Henry Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Savage, James Earl Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3041Aborted
Seager, Francis Marvin Tail Gunner42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Sears, William Francis Radio Operator42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Seibel, James Edward Bombardier42-29651Aborted
Self, James Melvin Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Shackelford, Lesta Eugene Navigator42-3041Aborted
Shelton, William Abner Ball Turret42-5838Completed, Uninjured
Shemanski, Aloysius Bruno Engineer/Top Turret42-29914POW
Sigler, Edwin Robert Radio Operator41-24557Aborted
Simpson, Edward Francis Radio Operator42-29935Aborted
Smith, Bob (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner41-24557Aborted
Smith, Joseph H Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Smith, Linsfield Burks Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29914POW
Smith, Robert Eugene Radio Operator42-30043Completed, Uninjured
Sopher, Francis Walton Engineer/Top Turret42-29828Completed, Uninjured
Sprague, Alfred Lee Pilot42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Stahlhut, Robert Fred Engineer/Top Turret42-3041Aborted
Stammel, Edward Raymond Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Stearman, Charles Lee Verne Ball Turret42-3216Completed, Uninjured
Swineford, Homer Howard Engineer/Top Turret42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Sword, Walter Howard Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29768Aborted
Taylor, Sidney Paul Tail Gunner42-30033Completed, Uninjured
Thomasson, Edward Arthmur Engineer/Top Turret42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Thompson, Siguard (NMI) Pilot42-5444Completed, Uninjured
Tripp, John Harley Ball Turret42-3041Aborted
Ursta, George Ball Turret42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Vodilko, Michael Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29699Completed, Uninjured
Wager, Lawrence Holmes Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29651Aborted
Wagner, Fred S Radio Operator42-3429Completed, Uninjured
Wagner, James L Ball Turret42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Weatherford, Louie Frank Radio Operator42-5720Completed, Uninjured
Wheeler, Thomas Brooks Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-29935Aborted
Willing, Mark Skinner Pilot42-29768Aborted
Wolfrom, Charles John Bombardier42-29914POW
Yelvington, Melton Albert Pilot41-24557Aborted