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The 384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) flew 316 combat missions over Europe in B-17 aircraft during World War II in the 8th Air Force's strategic bombing campaign against Axis powers. This website honors and preserves the record of the 384th.

Today is August 10th

The 384th Bomb Group, in combat from 22 June 1943 to 25 April 1945, did not fly a combat mission on this date.


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  • Friends of the 384th: The Friends of the 384th in England are working to build the 384th Bombardment Group Museum at Grafton Underwood. Learn about their plans and progress on their 384th Bombardment Group Museum Project Facebook page. This website maintains a 384th Museum page for additional history, activity, and status of the Museum Project.
  • The Friends of the 384th in the  UK  will undertake the next steps to establish the Museum. While volunteers have achieved excellent progress at little cost, some next steps will have a price tag, necessitating future fundraising drives. Each drive will fund a specific milestone, such as building a Nissen Hut, or creating a parking lot. This website and your visit here are one way of honoring the sacrifice of those who served in the 384th. Will you help honor those brave men by contributing as well? Project details here.
  • Memorial Landscape Maintenance: Visit the Help Fund Memorial Maintenance page to learn how you can help Kevin, et al, maintain the Memorial grounds to the standard we have become accustomed to, and which our 384th Veterans deserve.
  • Planning to Visit Grafton Underwood? Click "Visitor's Guide" for visit information and local contacts.
Museum US Fundraising Progress:
58 Donors
$31,775 Raised
$30,000 Goal
Updated 11 July 2022
  • Museum Fundraising Goal Surpassed: We cruised past our initial fundraising goal due to the generosity of our members and friends. Negotiations for the purchase of the Grafton Underwood "Ops Block" buildings are underway, and the project is off to a very encouraging start. Stay tuned...
  • 384th Bomb Group AND 8th Air Force Historical Society 2022 Reunion: The 384th will hold our reunion with the 8th Air Force Historical Society in 2022. This reunion will be held in Arlington, VA, during 19-23 October. Our HQ hotel will be the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia. All registration and attendance information, including room rates, is now available for download here.
    Remember to sign up for the Friday night (21 October) Rendezvous Dinner and be sure to indicate "384th BG" in the "BG/FG Affiliation" blank, so that we can KEEP THE SHOW ON THE ROAD in a separate space which will be provided if we have enough 384th registrants (we need at least 20).
    Days until Reunion: 69.
  • Save the Date - September 2023: Planning for the 2023 reunion in England – "Junket XII" – will begin as soon the as the dates for the annual Duxford "Battle of Britain" air show are received at 384th BG, Inc., HQ. Please remember to keep the month open until our dates are set. Carol & Helen will organize activities similar to 2019, likely with some differences. Neill & Friends plan to host a ceremony and tour of the 384th Bomb Group Museum, among other activities.
  • Past Reunions: For a list of all the reunions held by the 384th Bomb Group since the first one in 1967 - with links to photo albums (where they exist) - visit 384TH BG INC Reunions.
  • June 2022 Newsletter: The June issue, in full color, has been uploaded to the website. Download and read it at the 384th BG Inc. Newsletters page.
  • Call For Newsletter Articles: Paul Furiga, our Newsletter Chief Editor, would like to remind everyone that any and all content submission is welcome. A story or reminiscence, interesting facts or questions - they are all fair game. Contact Paul thru the 384th BG Inc. Newsletters page.