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Veterans - This Site Needs Your Help!

If you are a veteran of the 384th Bomb Group, you can help us with the creation of this website. We will add your story and photographs to record your contribution as part of the history of the 384th. Contact us using the email link at the bottom of every page. We are steadily gaining a wealth of material, and would like to present on this site a concise and thorough photo history of the 384th from its creation throughout its efforts in World War II. This can only be accomplished by obtaining your personal first-hand accounts, as well as photos, documents, and other materials. Also, if you are searching for other members of the 384th, we will help point you in the right direction.

General Research Guidance

This page is intended to assist people who are searching for authoritative information about a single individual servicemember. The actions and sources recommended will give you a good chance to obtain existing records. All that is required is for you to take the initiative and follow through. Patience will often be required, due to demand for services (especially true of U.S. Government agencies), and as we have seen in 2020, external events. The rewards of building a detailed record of service are great, as it will provide a lasting legacy for the servicemember's family.

The first step - if not already done - is to request the personnel records from the National Archives in St. Louis; see the link below.

Next, you are encouraged to examine the information available on this website, which should outline the role you or your relative played in the 384th, as well as many of the combat-related activities he participated in. Continuing research provides additional data that is regularly incorporated into the on-line database. Your comments and suggestions - and especially corrections - will help us improve the site. A detailed guide to research is under development.

The 384th Bomb Group Historian and NexGen Research Director, John Edwards, can also provide help. John can answer many questions directly, but can also guide you to other researchers and resources which can help in your quest. His contact information is found on the 384TH BG INC⇒Group Contacts page.

One of the most knowledgeable sources for the 384th BG was Ken Decker, who passed away in 2017. Decker formerly printed a monthly publication titled Memories that developed into quite a repository for stories and correspondences for members of the 384th, as well as numerous other units. He collated and augmented all of his 384th stories from the Memories publication and created a volume titled Memories of the 384th Bombardment Group (H). It is out of print, but may occasionally become available through used book sources.

Similarly, another massive 384th history volume containing information from official records and personal accounts was compiled by Linda and Vic Fayers-Hallin, with Quentin Bland, and is titled Keep the Show on the Road. It is, likewise, out of print, but may occasionally become available through used book sources.

Free Research Resources

The following links are presented without endorsement. Each provides access to information at no charge, but may require you to register.

Downloads: Documents Useful in 384th BG & USAAF WWII Research

The documents linked below contain information that provides context for the combat activities of the 384th BG. They are either in the public domain, or are used with permission.

Commercial Research Resources

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