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384th Internees

There were 51 384th Personnel Who Were Interned in Neutral Countries

The initial order of the table is by Name. It may be re-sorted by clicking on the heads of the columns.
Bond, Thomas William547th BS19 July 1944
Boney, Chester Joseph547th BS18 March 1944
Broyhill, Virgil Ray544th BS24 April 1944
Burns, Albert Harry, Jr544th BS24 April 1944
Danko, Charles Gabriel547th BS18 March 1944
Dashev, Jack Saul544th BS21 June 1944
Dudla, John Richard547th BS18 March 1944
Duncan, Sam Park, Jr544th BS24 April 1944
Earle, Guy Harmon, Jr544th BS24 April 1944
Elias, Donald John547th BS19 July 1944
Eltzroth, Porter J (IO)544th BS21 June 1944
Feyerabend, Lawrence Lenard544th BS21 June 1944
Fiederowicz, Edward Joseph547th BS19 July 1944
Finch, Francis Nelson545th BS21 June 1944
Froment, Dorrance Verl547th BS18 March 1944
Gardner, Eugene Frederick547th BS18 March 1944
Gormley, Edward Oliver547th BS18 March 1944
Grauer, James Edward544th BS24 April 1944
Green, Jesse Britten547th BS18 March 1944
Hamilton, Gerald Thorwald547th BS18 March 1944
Harper, Richard Wight547th BS18 March 1944
Harvey, Harry Blakely, Jr547th BS18 March 1944
Hay, James Franklin547th BS18 March 1944
Hollingsworth, Richard Ray545th BS24 April 1944
Howell, William Wright547th BS18 March 1944
Kaminski, Bruno (NMI)547th BS18 March 1944
Kendall, Earl Frank547th BS18 March 1944
Kilpatrick, Redin Robert544th BS21 June 1944
Kurz, Anthony Louis547th BS19 July 1944
LaSeur, William Veryle547th BS18 March 1944
Lessig, Joseph Watson547th BS
Loh, Phillip Henry, III547th BS18 March 1944
Massengale, Arnold Lee544th BS24 April 1944
McKinney, Jack Norman547th BS18 March 1944
Mount, Dick Wilson547th BS19 July 1944
Newall, Raymond Alexander545th BS24 April 1944
O'Brien, John Gerald547th BS18 March 1944
Piemonte, Guiseppe Mario544th BS24 April 1944
Pizzi, Frank Benjamin544th BS24 April 1944
Pryor, Oliver McCoy544th BS21 June 1944
Rients, Vernon William547th BS19 July 1944
Robertson, Avon Vern544th BS21 June 1944
Robertson, James Roman544th BS24 April 1944
Rouse, Robert Lyle547th BS19 July 1944
Schneider, Walter Joseph544th BS21 June 1944
Schwartz, Stanley (NMI)544th BS21 June 1944
Silag, William Joseph545th BS24 April 1944
Smith, Roger Clement547th BS18 March 1944
Stuempfle, Robert Alan547th BS19 July 1944
Wallach, Charles Devay545th BS24 April 1944
Wilkins, John Robert544th BS24 April 1944