1119th QM Co History




The 1119th Quartermaster Company Service Group Avn (RS) was originally activated as the Det. QMC 3rd Supply, Avn, on 11 February 1942 at Florence Army Air Base, South Carolina. After twice being redesignated, it removed to Hattiesburg AAB, Mississippi, as the 166th QM Co. Service Group in mid-August 1942. That was still the unit's designation on 6 January 1943 when, after a brief stay at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, it departed for overseas service. Nine days later it arrived at Army Air Force Station 110, Polebrook, in the U.K. On 29 January 1943, while the 384th Bomb group was still at Wendover, Utah, Hq. 166th QM Co., consisting of two officers and 38 enlisted men, was transferred to AAF Station 106, Grafton Underwood. A month before the bomb group arrived, the QM unit was redesignated 1119th QM Co. Service Grp., Avn, under the following officers: Captain Vernon M. Bell, Jr., Commanding, 1st Lieutenant Jack L. Frankel, and 2nd Lieutenant Robert J. Lawler.

Role, Function and Unit Composition

The Quartermaster Company was based on the technical site but operated all over the station serving each unit on base. The QMC's primary assignment was managing and distributing supplies of a domestic nature. Each company contained 14 sections. The 1119th QMC was assigned to the 443rd Sub Depot at Grafton Underwood. There were 57 personnel assigned to the company including 54 Enlisted Men and three Officers.

Daily Duties

Each company contained 14 sections, with each having an assigned task:

  1. Administrative section for operations and contained the QMC HQ staff
  2. Distribution of food supplies
  3. Provide all class II (clothing and individual equipment) and class IV (construction materials) supplies
  4. Provide fuel and oil for motor vehicles
  5. Solid fuel section - distribute coal, coke and kindling used on the base
  6. Salvage usable waste materials
  7. Perform laundry, dry cleaning and shoe repair
  8. Railway traffic office: receive and distribute baggage for newly assigned personnel; provide all rail warrants for official travel and personnel on leave; arrange rail transport for personnel and equipment
  9. Store and issue special service equipment – including day room furniture, athletic equipment and educational books for the station reading rooms
  10. Issue British ration cards to station personnel messing away from station or at a rest home
  11. Station quartermaster is the purchasing and contracting officer for small, local purchases only off the local economy
  12. Processed all receipts for British supplied items or services
  13. Performed repair of office machines also contracted with local British contractors for other repair services
  14. Issued officer’s clothing ration cards permitting the officer to purchase the annual clothing allowance

Information provided by the 384th Bomb Group Historian, John Edwards; additional information adapted from As Briefed (page 208).