Mission #97 Personnel Roster



Number of Aircraft Assigned To This Mission: 26
Number of Combat Personnel Assigned To This Mission: 232

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Name Position Aircraft Status
Adair, Norman Ray Radio Operator42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Allen, John Samuel Ball Turret42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Armstrong, Lloyd Roland Pilot42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Asher, John Calvin Tail Gunner42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Bailey, Henry Godard Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Baker, Charles Washington Co-pilot42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Balvin, William August Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Belczyk, Walter Adam Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Berger, Robert Jeane Tail Gunner42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Biederman, Harold Leroy Engineer/Top Turret42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Birch, Frank Austin Engineer/Top Turret42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Birckhead, Robert Bruce Pilot42-97521Spare, Returned
Bliss, John Franklin Engineer/Top Turret42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Bonnett, Charles Daniel Bombardier42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Booth, George Totten Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97521Spare, Returned
Boydston, Elmer Dean Tail Gunner42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Breen, John Francis Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Bretz, Edward Richard Ball Turret42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Bridgeman, John Joseph Radio Operator42-97521Spare, Returned
Brock, Henry Reuben Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Brown, Donald Harold Pilot42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Brown, James Jefferson Navigator42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Brown, Sherwood Gilbert Bombardier42-107074Spare, Returned
Brugman, Duane Francis Ball Turret42-97521Spare, Returned
Bryan, Morris Irving Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Budassi, Remo Guido Tail Gunner42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Burlingame, James Wyatt Engineer/Top Turret42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Cahill, William Lawrence Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Cain, John Bruce Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-107074Spare, Returned
Cameron, Francis Raymond Ball Turret42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Campbell, Edgar Lafell Radio Operator42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Carter, Jack Nifong Co-pilot42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Castleman, Milton Eugene Pilot42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Cates, Clay Franklin Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Chouinard, Garnet (NMI) Ball Turret42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Cicci, Joseph Leonard Radio Operator42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Clark, Alfred Albert Tail Gunner42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Clayton, John Earl Pilot42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Clements, Huel R Ball Turret42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Cochran, Thomas Tidwell Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Cohen, Joseph Meyer Bombardier42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Cole, Alfred H Co-pilot42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Coleman, Lee Browning Pilot42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Coleman, Robert Loftin Engineer/Top Turret42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Cook, Francis DeWitt Tail Gunner42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Cook, Herbert Arno Tail Gunner42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Corbett, Thomas Walter Radio Operator42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Corfield, Robert Milton Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Corpening, Robert Clark Togglier42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Cruise, James Henry Engineer/Top Turret42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Cummings, Julian Cowden Tail Gunner42-37788Completed, Uninjured
D'Amelio, Vincent Anthony Ball Turret42-107074Spare, Returned
D'Emilio, Nick Victor Engineer/Top Turret42-107074Spare, Returned
Daskey, Kendall (NMI) Pilot42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Dehabey, Phillip Elis Ball Turret42-37792Completed, Uninjured
DeWitt, Robert Courtney Navigator42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Dolson, Henry James Navigator42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Doran, Francis Patrick Radio Operator42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Dotherow, Edward (NMI) Bombardier42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Duffy, John H Co-pilot42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Dunn, Lawrence Warren Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Emmons, James Vincent Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Engwer, Donald Leroy Ball Turret42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Farthing, Frank (NMI) Pilot42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Fauser, Frank George Tail Gunner42-97521Spare, Returned
Faux, Roy Sherman Engineer/Top Turret42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Felicetti, Frank Dominick Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Ferazzi, Gabriel Ernest Bombardier42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Fisher, Arthur Alvin Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Fisk, Lloyd G Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Fitch, John Gilmore Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Fitzgerald, James Edward Bombardier42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Floyd, Thomas Samuel Engineer/Top Turret42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Flynn, James E Radio Operator42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Fornear, Thomas Southern Bombardier42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Foster, James E Pilot42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Foster, Rayford Leo Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Fox, John Short Engineer/Top Turret42-97273Spare, Returned
Frazier, Ernest Leo Radio Operator42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Froebel, Ronald Holcomb Co-pilot42-107074Spare, Returned
Gantert, Harold Francis Navigator42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Gent, Daniel Barry Tail Gunner42-107074Spare, Returned
Gist, Cecil Burt Engineer/Top Turret42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Glotfelty, Emroy Martin Ball Turret42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Gottfried, Raymond Nathan Pilot42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Graham, John Mebane Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Greene, Henry Tyler Ball Turret42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Grieves, Bobby Vernon Radio Operator42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Grosbier, Gordon Joseph Radio Operator42-107074Spare, Returned
Gutierrez, Harry Louis Engineer/Top Turret42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Hagan, Eugene Thomas Engineer/Top Turret42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Haggai, Melvin Edward Engineer/Top Turret42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Hailey, Millie Zo Co-pilot42-97521Spare, Returned
Hale, Charles Eugene Co-pilot42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Hall, Barney Marcus Pilot42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Hamilton, Harry Tobais Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Handley, Warren Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Hardtmann, Arnold John Engineer/Top Turret42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Harper, William Lester Togglier42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Harrington, Joseph Francis Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Hedrick, Hilary Hann Navigator42-97521Spare, Returned
Hendricks, William Chalmers Ball Turret42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Hendrix, Alfred Franklin Bombardier42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Hepp, Eugene Francis Navigator42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Hertel, Wallace Howard Bombardier42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Hickey, Jack Franklin Co-pilot42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Horne, Alva Steen Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Houston, Samuel Vance Ball Turret42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Huber, Eldridge Hood Co-pilot42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Huggins, Kenneth B Tail Gunner42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Jablonski, Raymond Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Jakway, James Allen Engineer/Top Turret42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Jarvis, Francis Harrison Engineer/Top Turret42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Johnson, Eugene Allen Radio Operator42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Johnson, William T Pilot42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Jones, John Evan Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97521Spare, Returned
Jones, Raymond Brown Radio Operator42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Jones, William Arch Co-pilot42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Kalinsky, Morris (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Kane, William Francis Navigator42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Kavalkovich, William Michael Navigator42-97273Spare, Returned
Kelly, John Thomas Pilot42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Kelsay, Omar Frank Pilot42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Kemak, Andrew S Ball Turret42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Kennedy, John Charles Tail Gunner42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Kerr, Robert Eugene Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Kirkpatrick, William Hugh Pilot42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Knapp, Paul Bernard Pilot42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Knox, Robert Leo Bombardier42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Koos, Leonard Frank Co-pilot42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Koscheski, Clyde Anderson Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Kranick, Martin Everett Navigator42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Krieger, Louis (NMI) Radio Operator42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Laboda, Joseph Stanley Pilot42-97573Completed, Uninjured
LaSalle, Angelo Aloysius Togglier42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Lemoine, Fritz Paul Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Lenich, Francis Augustus Engineer/Top Turret42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Leverette, James Hrold Navigator42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Lewandowski, Thomas Michael Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Lusk, Clarence Leon Engineer/Top Turret42-97521Spare, Returned
Mack, Robert John Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Maddox, Richard Neil Tail Gunner42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Markiewicz, John Henry Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Marks, Sanford (NMI) Bombardier42-97521Spare, Returned
Martin, Gregory Leon Co-pilot42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Mason, Covert Nathan Ball Turret42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Matthijetz, Carl Walter Tail Gunner42-97251Completed, Uninjured
McCullough, Jerry Lynell Tail Gunner42-107057Completed, Uninjured
McDonald, Thomas Harry Bombardier42-37792Completed, Uninjured
McKittrick, Vernon Russell Navigator42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Menchaca, Jose R Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Merkley, Ronald Charles Bombardier42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Miller, Frederick Christian Co-pilot42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Moore, Lindsay Dow Ball Turret42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Morgan, Robert William Tail Gunner42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Morris, Arthur J Bombardier42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Morton, Howard Raymond Co-pilot42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Myers, Lewis Porter Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Neal, William (NMI) Ball Turret42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Neeson, Richard S Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-107074Spare, Returned
Nichols, Melvin Allen Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Norton, Howard Glenn Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97273Spare, Returned
Nutt, Oliver Wayne Tail Gunner42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Nuttall, Alfred Charles Commander42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Olson, Norman (NMI) Co-pilot42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Overcash, Jimmy Lee Ball Turret42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Oyler, Ernest Renwick Navigator42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Pederson, Floyd Ray Bombardier42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Peterson, George (NMI) Radio Operator42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Peterson, Harold William Pilot42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Podos, Bernard (NMI) Radio Operator42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Pompe, Bernard Joseph Pilot42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Potempa, Walter (NMI) Tail Gunner42-107083Completed, Uninjured
Potts, Russell Malcom Navigator42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Price, Harold Omas Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97273Spare, Returned
Pring, Robert Bradford Co-pilot42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Purdy, Alan Bradford Radio Operator42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Radakovitz, Herman Andrew Bombardier42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Rarick, Harold Linwood Bombardier42-97273Spare, Returned
Reams, Russell Don Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Richardson, William Earl Radio Operator42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Rimbold, Arthur Arimese Co-pilot42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Rogers, Stanley Postley Tail Gunner42-97273Spare, Returned
Rooker, Billy Roy Co-pilot42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Roth, Verle Leroy Co-pilot42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Rubenstein, Joseph (NMI) Navigator42-37974Completed, Uninjured
Ruschival, Adam Charles Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Scheer, Irving Navigator42-37792Completed, Uninjured
Schepers, Bob Eugene Radio Operator42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Schleuse, Robert Edward Tail Gunner42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Seitz, Harold Meade Co-pilot42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Sell, Herman Rewellien Navigator42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Shaner, William Martin Bombardier42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Sharff, Sampson (NMI) Pilot42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Simons, Harry (NMI) Bombardier42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Smart, Samuel Hayes Ball Turret42-97573Completed, Uninjured
Smith, Jack Alexander Ball Turret42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Snead, William Austin Radio Operator42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Soto, Salvador (NMI) Tail Gunner42-3440Completed, Uninjured
Stahl, Bruce Warren Radio Operator42-102442Completed, Uninjured
Stakes, Albert Garrison Navigator42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Stanley, Rex Elmo Radio Operator42-97273Spare, Returned
Stevens, Howard Orville Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Stevens, John Jay Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97188Completed, Uninjured
Stills, James Vernon Co-pilot42-97273Spare, Returned
Stitzel, Charles Edward Ball Turret42-97273Spare, Returned
Strand, Robert Earl Pilot42-107074Spare, Returned
Sullivan, James Dominic Pilot42-97273Spare, Returned
Swift, Kenneth Gilbert Engineer/Top Turret42-31211Completed, Uninjured
Swisher, Glenn Everett Navigator42-97367Completed, Uninjured
Teetman, Leo Frank Ball Turret42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Thevenet, Charles James Bombardier42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Thompson, Luther Edwin Tail Gunner42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Trypuc, John Vincent Radio Operator42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Umstattd, James McNutt Navigator42-107074Spare, Returned
Vernon, Sheldon Ira Navigator42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Wakser, Sanford Harry Navigator42-102448Completed, Uninjured
Waller, Guy Ford Engineer/Top Turret42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Watenpool, Jerome Francis Engineer/Top Turret42-97510Completed, Uninjured
Weaver, Jack Beverly Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97237Completed, Uninjured
Welsbacher, Robert Henry Navigator42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Wennik, Henry Nicolas Ball Turret42-3440Completed, Uninjured
White, William McKean Observer42-97251Completed, Uninjured
Williamson, Albert (NMI) Radio Operator42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Wills, Charles Howard Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97263Completed, Uninjured
Wilson, Eugene Theodore Navigator42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Wood, Charles Stoddart Navigator42-97204Completed, Uninjured
Woodard, Everett Derwood Tail Gunner42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Wray, Forrest Donald Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97201Completed, Uninjured
Wright, James Wiley Pilot42-37788Completed, Uninjured
Yount, Donald Laverne Co-pilot42-107057Completed, Uninjured
Youry, Burson Harris Engineer/Top Turret42-97237Completed, Uninjured