Mission #311 Personnel Roster



Number of Aircraft Assigned To This Mission: 43
Number of Combat Personnel Assigned To This Mission: 316

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Name Position Aircraft Status
Abare, William Tebbs Pilot44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Adams, Frank R Ball Turret43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Adams, Jack C Tail Gunner44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Adams, Patrick J Radio Operator43-39236Completed, Uninjured
Adams, Roy B Tail Gunner43-39203Completed, Uninjured
Alderman, Robert A Togglier43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Alsobrook, Charles (NMI) Bombardier43-39203Completed, Uninjured
Altgelt, James Ernest Bombardier44-8668Completed, Uninjured
Amorati, Henry L Radio Operator44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Ancel, Orval J Ball Turret43-39236Completed, Uninjured
Anderson, Donald W Engineer/Top Turret42-102459Completed, Uninjured
Andrews, Alexander Walter Radio Operator43-39203Completed, Uninjured
Baird, Robert S Togglier43-38974Completed, Uninjured
Barber, Raymond Clifford Engineer/Top Turret44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Barnett, Jack (NMI) Pilot43-38839Completed, Uninjured
Barnwell, James M Engineer/Top Turret43-38588Completed, Uninjured
Barone, Benito A Ball Turret43-39203Completed, Uninjured
Barr, Daniel F Togglier43-39236Completed, Uninjured
Beck, Merlin C Tail Gunner42-102459Completed, Uninjured
Beltz, William R Navigator44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Bentley, Philip A Co-pilot43-38766Completed, Uninjured
Berthold, Charles W Ball Turret42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Bielskis, Peter Julius Ball Turret43-38766Completed, Uninjured
Birkholz, John Melvin Engineer/Top Turret43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Birney, Robert Charles Navigator43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Bland, Dwain B Tail Gunner43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Blevins, Donald H Tail Gunner44-8668Completed, Uninjured
Bogli, Harold Robert Co-pilot43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Bouchard, Wilfred E Navigator43-38766Completed, Uninjured
Bowman, Harold H Pilot43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Britton, Joseph R Tail Gunner43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Burcham, Eugene Emmons Bombardier44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Campbell, Franklin R Engineer/Top Turret43-39203Completed, Uninjured
Campbell, William R Togglier43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Cantwell, Richard L Ball Turret44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Carlson, Russell E Pilot42-102518Completed, Uninjured
Carney, Walter Arthur Ball Turret43-39131Completed, Uninjured
Carpenter, Dean E Pilot42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Casagrande, James A Pilot43-39138Completed, Uninjured
Casey, Gordon Francis Engineer/Top Turret42-102518Completed, Uninjured
Castro, Philip M Engineer/Top Turret44-8679Completed, Uninjured
Cathey, George Warlick Pilot43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Cayce, Lawrence Wendell Tail Gunner42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Chamberlain, Leon D Tail Gunner44-8608Aborted
Chapman, Ralph Reese Ball Turret43-38839Completed, Uninjured
Cinquanta, Fiorino Anthony Co-pilot43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Claflin, Richard E Navigator42-97592Completed, Uninjured
Clemis, Joseph Bernard Engineer/Top Turret44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Clower, Jack E Co-pilot44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Cohen, Harvey S Navigator44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Cooper, Gerald L Tail Gunner43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Courson, Hollis M Engineer/Top Turret43-39138Completed, Uninjured
Cramer, George Edward Ball Turret43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Cunningham, John F Engineer/Top Turret43-38839Completed, Uninjured
Dahlman, Marvin S Radio Operator43-39138Completed, Uninjured
DeGennaro, Carlo Nicola Pilot44-8679Completed, Uninjured
DePriest, James Bryant Navigator42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Didion, Gilbert W Tail Gunner44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Dobbs, Carl Lee Ball Turret42-102459Completed, Uninjured
Donnell, Alonzo McWilliams Pilot43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Drevalas, Constantine Nikolas Bombardier42-102459Completed, Uninjured
Drew, James Lawrence Pilot44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Dufour, Ralph K Ball Turret43-38974Completed, Uninjured
Duncan, David (NMI) Ball Turret43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Duncan, Donald Ramsey Tail Gunner43-39131Completed, Uninjured
Dunn, William Stanley Engineer/Top Turret43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Eakin, Otho M Pilot42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Eastell, Harry T Spot Jammer43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Eastman, Clifford D Ball Turret44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Eng, Howard Won Navigator43-39236Completed, Uninjured
Enns, Harkless G Pilot42-32106Completed, Uninjured
Ferrell, Oran D Pilot44-8668Completed, Uninjured
Field, Edward (NMI) Navigator43-39131Completed, Uninjured
Fisher, Morton I Bombardier44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Fluesmeier, Arsdel Louvaine Radio Operator43-38766Completed, Uninjured
Ford, Edward A Navigator44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Frankenbery, Lloyd M Co-pilot44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Frantzen, Donald J Bombardier44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Fulcher, Harold Q Engineer/Top Turret42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Gapczynski, Alvin Alexander Radio Operator42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Garner, William Perry Radio Operator43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Garstak, Jack G Radio Operator44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Gilbert, William T Navigator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Ginsburg, Norman L Bombardier42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Glass, Louis V Tail Gunner43-38974Completed, Uninjured
Goldsborough, Richard H Tail Gunner44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Goldsmith, Alan E Navigator43-38974Completed, Uninjured
Gordon, Stuart C Togglier43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Graham, Ralph R Tail Gunner42-32106Completed, Uninjured
Graper, Elmer Worling Engineer/Top Turret43-38766Completed, Uninjured
Green, Richard Edward Ball Turret43-39138Completed, Uninjured
Groves, Bernard A Togglier44-8679Completed, Uninjured
Guerrieri, Peter Navigator43-39138Completed, Uninjured
Gustafson, Charles L Co-pilot44-8608Aborted
Haines, Robert G Radio Operator44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Hanley, William J Radio Operator44-8679Completed, Uninjured
Hanna, Paul E Engineer/Top Turret43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Harris, Robert B Ball Turret44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Harrison, Erwin Jack Radio Operator43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Hart, Kenneth C Radio Operator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Hatch, William Alva Pilot43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Hatch, William J Co-pilot44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Hawkins, Theodore R Navigator43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Henderson, Jack Radio Operator44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Henderson, Ralph A Engineer/Top Turret43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Henly, Harry Richard Navigator43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Henricks, Bernard Joseph Engineer/Top Turret43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Henry, Robert T Pilot43-38766Completed, Uninjured
Hensarling, Kinard D Radio Operator43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Hertz, Morton Navigator43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Hesko, Alfred D Navigator43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Hilliard, Donald Ervin Radio Operator43-38839Completed, Uninjured
Hinshaw, Milton L Co-pilot44-8679Completed, Uninjured
Hodge, Robert Merrill Radio Operator43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Hoffman, Dennis M Co-pilot42-32106Completed, Uninjured
Holtz, Russell Edward Engineer/Top Turret43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Holzhauser, Richard R Ball Turret43-38588Completed, Uninjured
Hope, Maxwell Banister Tail Gunner43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Horrigan, Thomas J Co-pilot44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Huebsch, Adolph Robert Navigator42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Hughes, Ralph B Tail Gunner43-38839Completed, Uninjured
Hushbeck, Elgin Lewis Navigator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Ilsley, Charles Joseph Bombardier42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Jaeger, Melvin George Engineer/Top Turret42-97592Completed, Uninjured
Jaskowiak, Theodore J Togglier43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Jerome, Edwin Anthony Pilot43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Johnson, Joyce N Co-pilot44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Johnston, Alvin Theodore Tail Gunner44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Jones, Robert McCord Co-pilot43-38839Completed, Uninjured
Kalan, Frank M Togglier43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Kelley, John T Engineer/Top Turret44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Kettler, Edgar S Navigator44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Keyser, William Ross Navigator44-8668Completed, Uninjured
King, Joseph E Radio Operator42-102459Completed, Uninjured
King, Paul R Radio Operator42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Kinnaird, William Robert Pilot44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Knaur, John S Pilot44-8608Aborted
Koutrouba, Evan P Tail Gunner42-98027Completed, Uninjured
Kovach, Joseph William Radio Operator42-97592Completed, Uninjured
Kowats, Daniel Frank Pilot43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Kyllo, Orville Eldon Navigator42-32106Completed, Uninjured
Ladendorff, Edmund H Navigator42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Lady, Manfred H Tail Gunner43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Lanham, Theodore James Engineer/Top Turret44-6514Completed, Uninjured
LaRue, Ray Edward Tail Gunner43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Lawrence, Dwight P Spot Jammer43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Lazzaro, August Michael Radio Operator42-32106Completed, Uninjured
Leavitt, Philip Neldon Pilot43-39131Completed, Uninjured
LeMay, Jack R Engineer/Top Turret44-8668Completed, Uninjured
Lependorf, Joseph Navigator43-38839Completed, Uninjured
LeRoy, Gordon H Ball Turret44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Levison, Jules Sidney Radio Operator43-38673Completed, Uninjured
Lewis, Charles Allyn Pilot43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Lillico, Douglas Crawford Tail Gunner44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Logan, Harry R Ball Turret42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Logie, Loren C Navigator44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Lucas, Gabe Roy Togglier43-38766Completed, Uninjured
Lunoe, William E Engineer/Top Turret44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Lustig, David Carl Radio Operator44-8668Completed, Uninjured
Lutton, Walter Clarence Togglier44-8608Aborted
Lyon, Corey E Bombardier43-39138Completed, Uninjured
Mandru, John Ball Turret43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Marks, Bernard (NMI) Navigator42-102459Completed, Uninjured
Marsh, Harold E Navigator43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Martin, Gerald L Pilot42-102459Completed, Uninjured
Maurer, Joseph A Togglier43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Mazzola, Sebastion Co-pilot43-39138Completed, Uninjured
McClelland, Gerald W Co-pilot43-39236Completed, Uninjured
McCollum, Norris Lafayette Radio Operator42-98027Completed, Uninjured
McGowan, James A Navigator44-6592Completed, Uninjured
McKay, James M Co-pilot43-38588Completed, Uninjured
McKay, William Monroe Commander42-98027Completed, Uninjured
Merritt, William Thomas Ball Turret42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Midura, Ernest A Radio Operator43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Miller, Bernard William Co-pilot42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Miller, John C Navigator43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Mingo, Andrew C Co-pilot43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Mitchell, Bill H Tail Gunner43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Moerdyk, Herbert W Tail Gunner43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Montgomery, Robert W Pilot43-38974Completed, Uninjured
Moore, John R Navigator42-102518Completed, Uninjured
Morehead, Lloyd E Tail Gunner44-8679Completed, Uninjured
Murphy, William C Pilot44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Nance, Dale Richard Ball Turret44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Neal, William T Pilot43-39203Completed, Uninjured
Nepo, Alexander H Radio Operator43-39131Completed, Uninjured
Nestor, Edward J Togglier43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Nicolai, Edwin G Pilot44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Norskog, Vincent L Co-pilot42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Nyborg, Arlin Orrin Ball Turret43-38673Completed, Uninjured
O'Brien, Joseph W Ball Turret43-38994Completed, Uninjured
O'Brien, Robert E Radio Operator43-38974Completed, Uninjured
O'Toole, William H Radio Operator42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Oglesby, Howard Jasper Engineer/Top Turret43-39131Completed, Uninjured
Osterloh, Richard J Radio Operator43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Ostnes, Leif Robert Pilot42-98027Completed, Uninjured
Palmer, Ward A Ball Turret43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Parish, Ned C Ball Turret44-8679Completed, Uninjured
Parker, Gilbert R Navigator44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Pasckhowski, Stanley Engineer/Top Turret44-8608Aborted
Patterson, Nelton D Commander44-8668Completed, Uninjured
Peatross, William S Tail Gunner43-39138Completed, Uninjured
Peel, Ralph E Radio Operator43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Perrong, Henry J Togglier43-38839Completed, Uninjured
Petersen, Maurice R Navigator44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Petrosky, Raymond John Ball Turret43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Pietroforte, William F Tail Gunner42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Pinson, William T Pilot42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Plisko, Joseph S Radio Operator43-38588Completed, Uninjured
Poe, Henry F Radio Operator44-8608Aborted
Pohlmann, John H Photographer42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Porter, James L Pilot44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Poulton, John W Pilot43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Pritchard, Raymond Paul Engineer/Top Turret42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Purchase, George A Navigator42-98027Completed, Uninjured
Quigley, Q A (IO) Engineer/Top Turret43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Rallis, Milton (NMI) Spot Jammer44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Ray, Jack F Radio Operator44-6909Completed, Uninjured
Read, Alfred J Ball Turret44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Reilly, John F Tail Gunner43-38588Completed, Uninjured
Reinhardt, Charles L Engineer/Top Turret42-32106Completed, Uninjured
Rice, Alonzo Robert Togglier44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Richardson, Bert A Navigator43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Richardson, Harold L Tail Gunner43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Riley, Oliver M Togglier44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Riordan, Victor J Engineer/Top Turret42-98027Completed, Uninjured
Ritter, Martin Mayhon Radio Operator44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Rivall, Jack Wallace Bombardier44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Robinson, John V Bombardier42-98027Completed, Uninjured
Rose, Arthur Laverne Engineer/Top Turret42-102620Completed, Uninjured
Rose, William I Togglier42-102518Completed, Uninjured
Ross, Arthur W Tail Gunner43-39236Completed, Uninjured
Ross, Robert B Co-pilot44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Rotherham, James H Co-pilot44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Rovero, Aldo John Navigator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Roy, John G J Radio Operator43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Rozkuski, William Bernard Togglier44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Ruckman, George F Pilot44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Rudolph, Marvin Irving Togglier43-39131Completed, Uninjured
Russell, Jack H Navigator44-8668Completed, Uninjured
Ry's, Henry A Radio Operator44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Ryan, Patrick A Bombardier43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Sarabian, Charles Engineer/Top Turret44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Saylor, Sam (NMI) Co-pilot42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Scherokman, Edward Pilot43-39236Completed, Uninjured
Schmansky, Richard E Co-pilot43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Schneider, Andrew J Co-pilot44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Schumacher, Elmer Ray Tail Gunner44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Schuster, Harold L Spot Jammer43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Schwartz, George Elmer Ball Turret44-8608Aborted
Scimeca, Frank John Spot Jammer43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Seavey, Homer C Pilot43-38588Completed, Uninjured
Seipold, Charles Frederick Co-pilot43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Seymour, Kenneth T Togglier44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Sheahan, Robert E Pilot44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Sheehy, Frederick Biser Tail Gunner42-97309Completed, Uninjured
Shipley, Glen Lavard Engineer/Top Turret43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Showers, Henry Herbert Engineer/Top Turret43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Shuff, Charles Bernard Pilot43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Slivka, William J Navigator44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Smith, Alfred Clem Engineer/Top Turret43-38800Completed, Uninjured
Smith, Eliot H Pilot43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Smith, James E Navigator43-39203Completed, Uninjured
Snider, William Paul Ball Turret44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Sorenson, Frederick A Tail Gunner44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Sorrells, William G Tail Gunner42-102518Completed, Uninjured
Soula, John V Engineer/Top Turret44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Sparks, Kenneth (NMI) Navigator44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Spearman, Eugene Radio Operator44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Standifird, George J Co-pilot42-102459Completed, Uninjured
Stanick, Paul J Tail Gunner43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Staub, Richard W Togglier42-32106Completed, Uninjured
Steed, Robert L Ball Turret43-38757Completed, Uninjured
Stipe, Clay D Ball Turret44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Stockstill, Thomas J Engineer/Top Turret44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Stokes, Lee E Navigator43-38588Completed, Uninjured
Strong, George V Co-pilot44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Sturtz, James M Bombardier44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Summers, Wayne N Radio Operator43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Summers, William R Togglier43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Taliaferro, Philip A Tail Gunner44-6892Completed, Uninjured
Tarro, John Peter Co-pilot43-38974Completed, Uninjured
Tebo, Clerance L Pilot44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Tefft, Gordon R Togglier43-38588Completed, Uninjured
Thacker, Robert E Commander44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Thompson, James R Radio Operator42-102518Completed, Uninjured
Tribbey, William J Togglier44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Troiano, Frank Anthony Navigator43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Trolin, Neil B Engineer/Top Turret43-38974Completed, Uninjured
Troth, Hugh I Co-pilot43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Vienna, Howard Bartel Togglier42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Villa, Alberto A Co-pilot43-39197Completed, Uninjured
Von Grimm, Robert Co-pilot42-97592Completed, Uninjured
Vrana, Ralph John Co-pilot43-39131Completed, Uninjured
Wahlstrom, Harry Lawrence Pilot44-6882Completed, Uninjured
Waldron, Jack T Engineer/Top Turret44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Walker, Allen W Radio Operator44-6476Completed, Uninjured
Warner, Stanley E Navigator42-98027Completed, Uninjured
Warren, James W Co-pilot43-39203Completed, Uninjured
White, Albert D Tail Gunner43-38766Completed, Uninjured
White, Donald E Photographer43-38766Completed, Uninjured
White, William F Co-pilot43-38647Completed, Uninjured
Whitlow, Lloyd W Co-pilot43-39444Completed, Uninjured
Wiley, Vernon Lee Co-pilot43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Wilkens, William John Engineer/Top Turret43-39236Completed, Uninjured
Williams, Horace Brock Navigator44-8679Completed, Uninjured
Williams, Jack W Ball Turret42-102518Completed, Uninjured
Williams, John O Tail Gunner44-6898Completed, Uninjured
Witt, Charles Dean Togglier43-38994Completed, Uninjured
Woodward, Raymond B Navigator44-8608Aborted
Worley, John T Ball Turret43-38501Completed, Uninjured
Wright, Edward S Pilot42-97592Completed, Uninjured
Yarbrough, James L Tail Gunner44-8408Completed, Uninjured
Young, Dewey W Navigator43-38752Completed, Uninjured
Young, Johnie Earl Engineer/Top Turret44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Zmyndak, William Co-pilot42-102518Completed, Uninjured