Mission #241 Personnel Roster



Number of Aircraft Assigned To This Mission: 47
Number of Combat Personnel Assigned To This Mission: 304

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Name Position Aircraft Status
Abbott, William H Pilot44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Adams, Frederick L Waist (Flexible) Gunner44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Adams, Jack C Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97271Scrubbed
Adams, John H Navigator43-38850Scrubbed
Albro, Bernard Thomas Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38927Scrubbed
Alexander, Virgil Lawrence Ball Turret42-37822Scrubbed
Ambach, Edward John Tail Gunner44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Arwine, Joe A Navigator42-31484Scrubbed
Babler, Leon Henry Navigator44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Backman, Glenn Elmer Pilot42-97271Scrubbed
Baer, Robert (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Baker, John R Co-pilot43-38752Scrubbed
Barnes, William Douglas Navigator43-38673Scrubbed
Barry, William Rudisill Navigator44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Bass, Ross (NMI) Bombardier43-37703Scrubbed
Baumann, Frederick Herman Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97309Scrubbed
Bayne, William Davis Co-pilot43-37843Scrubbed
Bell, Albert (NMI) Navigator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Berry, Ivan Carl Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Bias, Ira J Radio Operator42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Bierowski, Mitchell Srephen Engineer/Top Turret43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Bink, Howard H Navigator43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Brickner, Wilbert George Engineer/Top Turret43-38678Scrubbed
Bright, Getsel Merle Radio Operator43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Britt, Leo T Navigator42-102459Scrubbed
Brooks, William Ralph Radio Operator42-102459Scrubbed
Brookshire, James D Pilot43-38548Scrubbed
Brown, Bert Oliver Pilot43-37843Scrubbed
Brown, Robert Frank Ball Turret43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Brown, William C Bombardier43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Burk, Paul E Navigator42-98000Scrubbed
Busch, Edward J Radio Operator43-37717Scrubbed
Butler, Ralph Willard Togglier43-38927Scrubbed
Calkins, John Bartlett Co-pilot42-97150Scrubbed
Calongne, Ashley J Ball Turret44-6109Scrubbed
Cappiello, Gaetano Thomas Ball Turret42-97150Scrubbed
Carr, Robert J Navigator43-37917Scrubbed
Carson, Allen Glenn Tail Gunner43-38678Scrubbed
Casagrande, Mario Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-37917Scrubbed
Cates, Clay Franklin Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Cavanaugh, Bernard Francis Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38850Scrubbed
Chalkus, Joseph William Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-37843Scrubbed
Chapin, Robert Charles Navigator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Clark, Coral Clifton Engineer/Top Turret43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Clark, John H Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-32106Scrubbed
Cline, Ellis Wallace Tail Gunner42-102459Scrubbed
Clingler, Warren E Radio Operator43-38850Scrubbed
Coder, Dale Mills Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Cogan, Joseph D Radio Operator43-38673Scrubbed
Colwell, George L Ball Turret44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Constantine, Damian N Ball Turret42-97960Scrubbed
Cook, Raymond D Pilot44-8430Scrubbed
Cox, Frank LeRoy Bombardier43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Crampton, Robert Byron Navigator44-6109Scrubbed
Crown, Richard Keith Bombardier44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Cunningham, John F Engineer/Top Turret43-37917Scrubbed
Dabney, William L Co-pilot42-102459Scrubbed
Dameron, Fred Ball Turret43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Darby, Phillip S Engineer/Top Turret42-97271Scrubbed
Davidson, Charles Wayne Togglier44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Davis, L K (IO) Commander44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Dawson, Edward C Radio Operator44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Dean, Donald Lloyd Radio Operator42-31484Scrubbed
DeCelles, Charles B Bombardier42-102518Scrubbed
Decker, Floyd Virgil Togglier42-97309Scrubbed
DeFrancesco, John Joseph Pilot42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Denney, Roy Edward Tail Gunner43-37703Scrubbed
Dobrescu, Frederick John Engineer/Top Turret43-38850Scrubbed
Doleshal, Charles Joseph Ball Turret42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Dorsey, Albert Leonard Navigator43-38927Scrubbed
Downs, Wayne Hargis Togglier43-37717Scrubbed
Durborow, Clarence James Togglier43-38850Scrubbed
Edwards, Thomas M Bombardier42-37822Scrubbed
Ellis, Harold Richard Pilot44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Euting, Carl Richard Tail Gunner42-97271Scrubbed
Ezell, William C Ball Turret43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Faulise, Vincent P Navigator43-37717Scrubbed
Ferrell, Jack Gordon Navigator43-37703Scrubbed
Festersen, John Carl Pilot42-102500Scrubbed
Fields, Arnold E Engineer/Top Turret44-6109Scrubbed
Finstad, Berton R Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-102459Scrubbed
Fisher, Earl Wellington Bombardier43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Fisher, Robert Jeremy Pilot43-37703Scrubbed
Fleshman, Warren Gray Pilot42-97309Scrubbed
Franklin, Walter Dewitt Togglier43-37843Scrubbed
Galetto, Anthony J Tail Gunner42-97309Scrubbed
Gibson, Merle Leon Navigator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Gibson, Vergil LeRoy Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Gilmer, Charles E Pilot43-38994Scrubbed
Gilmore, James Robson Pilot43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Girman, Frank (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Gissing, Robert Engineer/Top Turret42-102518Scrubbed
Green, James A Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38673Scrubbed
Greer, Clarence E Tail Gunner42-32106Scrubbed
Griffin, Charles Edward Bombardier44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Gross, Kenneth Eugene Pilot43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Grubbs, Wilmer Harold Tail Gunner43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Guentzel, Otto William Radio Operator42-97309Scrubbed
Guy, Roderick Melbourne Tail Gunner43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Haight, Keith Rodney Togglier42-97150Scrubbed
Hall, Callie N Engineer/Top Turret43-38927Scrubbed
Hall, William R Engineer/Top Turret43-37717Scrubbed
Hance, Horace (NMI) Navigator43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Hannan, John Michael Bombardier42-97271Scrubbed
Hanrahan, John E Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Harper, Jack Rollin Togglier43-38752Scrubbed
Hart, Kenneth C Radio Operator42-97271Scrubbed
Haskett, Everett W Engineer/Top Turret44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Hassard, Robert Clock Navigator42-97271Scrubbed
Hastings, Harmon C Tail Gunner42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Hatcher, John F Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-37717Scrubbed
Hayden, Ralph M Togglier42-97960Scrubbed
Hayes, David Newcombe Radio Operator44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Haynes, Harold V Radio Operator42-97960Scrubbed
Heatley, Johnny R Ball Turret42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Hepner, Dean Raymond Radio Operator43-38678Scrubbed
Herndon, William Franklin Bombardier44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Herr, Richard L Radio Operator44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Herring, Harold F Pilot43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Hightshoe, Clarence Cecil Navigator42-97824Completed, Uninjured
Hollingsworth, Frederick Clay Pilot42-102518Scrubbed
Holmes, Edwin Lamar Ball Turret43-37917Scrubbed
Holtwick, Melvin Edward Ball Turret42-102518Scrubbed
Holz, Henry Joseph Tail Gunner44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Hookailo, Daniel Bernard Engineer/Top Turret42-97960Scrubbed
Hoppen, Jack Stewart Pilot43-38850Scrubbed
Horvath, Emil Louis Ball Turret42-102459Scrubbed
Howe, Vernon Bullock Radio Operator43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Howell, Evan Lawrence Engineer/Top Turret42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Hudspeth, Edwin George Navigator43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Huffine, Robert Edward Tail Gunner43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Hughes, Ralph B Tail Gunner43-37917Scrubbed
Hulcher, Donald Lawrence Commander43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Humphrey, Loren K Waist (Flexible) Gunner44-6109Scrubbed
Humphries, Richard A Tail Gunner43-38927Scrubbed
Irwin, Frank X Radio Operator43-38927Scrubbed
Jackson, Oakley Homer Pilot42-97150Scrubbed
Jacobs, Harris Frederick Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97960Scrubbed
Jenkins, Ernest Norman Radio Operator42-98000Scrubbed
Johnson, Howard K Co-pilot43-38927Scrubbed
Johnson, Lester M Tail Gunner44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Johnson, Milo A Co-pilot42-32106Scrubbed
Jones, Ernest T Tail Gunner44-6109Scrubbed
Jones, Lilburn H Tail Gunner43-38752Scrubbed
Jones, Robert McCord Co-pilot42-102518Scrubbed
Jones, William Jesse Ball Turret43-37843Scrubbed
Kania, Stanley Joseph Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38752Scrubbed
Kantor, John S Togglier42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Kelly, Vincent Joseph Leo Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-97150Scrubbed
Kinkead, Robert M Pilot44-6109Scrubbed
Klatt, Merton D Pilot43-38752Scrubbed
Knowlton, Ernest Richard Navigator42-97960Scrubbed
Konopatzki, Robert Wallace Navigator43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Kozup, Andrew (NMI) Tail Gunner42-37822Scrubbed
Krakowski, Joseph F Togglier42-32106Scrubbed
Kramer, William Leo Pilot42-98000Scrubbed
Krauss, Keith A Tail Gunner42-98000Scrubbed
Kristof, Laddie (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Kunnari, Howard Engineer/Top Turret42-32106Scrubbed
Lamark, Edward Lincoln Navigator42-32106Scrubbed
Laney, John Neal Co-pilot42-97309Scrubbed
Laughlin, Wallace L Engineer/Top Turret44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Lawrence, James H Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Lawrence, Robert C Radio Operator44-6109Scrubbed
Lemon, Delbert Kenneth Ball Turret43-38850Scrubbed
Leslie, William Joseph Radio Operator42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Lester, David L Tail Gunner42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Lewandowski, Leo Joseph Tail Gunner43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Locke, Warren Franklin Waist (Flexible) Gunner44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Lohn, John G Navigator44-6592Completed, Uninjured
London, Albert Radio Operator43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Lott, Homer Lee Togglier42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Lucas, Leonard Edmond Navigator42-97150Scrubbed
Lukosavich, Francis J Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-98000Scrubbed
MacDonald, Ranald H Co-pilot43-37917Scrubbed
Maffei, Albert (NMI) Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-37703Scrubbed
Maguire, John H Togglier42-31484Scrubbed
Markasky, Albert Edward Radio Operator44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Marmozewicz, Joseph J Ball Turret43-38673Scrubbed
Martin, Byron L Co-pilot42-37822Scrubbed
Martin, Donald Francis Pilot42-102430Scrubbed
Martin, Robert B Co-pilot43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Mason, Mark Navigator42-107125Completed, Uninjured
Mathias, Charles W Ball Turret43-37703Scrubbed
Maupin, Vernon Eugene Waist (Flexible) Gunner44-8221Completed, Uninjured
McCartney, James Thomas Co-pilot43-38630Completed, Uninjured
McKone, Joseph F Pilot43-38927Scrubbed
McLean, William S Pilot42-97510Scrubbed
McMorrow, Edward J Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-102518Scrubbed
Mentley, Victor C Ball Turret42-32106Scrubbed
Merlis, Albert J Navigator44-8007Completed, Uninjured
Miller, John C Co-pilot42-31484Scrubbed
Miller, Leland Edward Bombardier42-102459Scrubbed
Milligan, George Robert Pilot42-102459Scrubbed
Milton, Theodore Ross Commander44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Misko, Louis E Ball Turret44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Mitchell, Oreal Hugh Ball Turret42-97309Scrubbed
Mohler, John Grigsby Pilot44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Mohr, James H Co-pilot42-97271Scrubbed
Molder, Charles Richard Pilot42-97960Scrubbed
Monaco, Armand Michael Navigator43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Moody, Nolan E Tail Gunner43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Moon, William Everett Navigator42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Morpeth, Clarence R Togglier42-98000Scrubbed
Morrison, William B Bombardier44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Moslein, Augustus Fred Tail Gunner43-38850Scrubbed
Moss, Ralph E Ball Turret43-38927Scrubbed
Mouratian, George (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret43-37703Scrubbed
Mulvey, Lawrence V Radio Operator43-37917Scrubbed
Mumper, Benjamin R Pilot42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Murphy, Edward J Navigator42-97309Scrubbed
Nelson, Kenneth J Navigator43-38678Scrubbed
Nelson, Marion A Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Newman, Leslie Dallas Radio Operator43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Nieman, Donald F Ball Turret44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Oliver, Mando (NMI) Co-pilot43-37717Scrubbed
Ondrusek, Marvin John Radio Operator43-37843Scrubbed
Ott, Robert Edward Ball Turret43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Palmer, Raymond George Tail Gunner43-37843Scrubbed
Pattison, Carroll E Radio Operator43-38752Scrubbed
Payne, Albert M Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-37822Scrubbed
Pazjk, Frank J Engineer/Top Turret44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Pechout, Richard Anthony Radio Operator43-37703Scrubbed
Perkins, Lubia R Tail Gunner43-37717Scrubbed
Peterson, William J Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Pfeiffer, Jack Edward Ball Turret42-98000Scrubbed
Phelps, James Norman Tail Gunner42-97150Scrubbed
Phillips, Herbert D Co-pilot44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Phillips, William R Ball Turret43-37717Scrubbed
Pobega, Rudolph Engineer/Top Turret42-37822Scrubbed
Portwood, Ray S Tail Gunner42-31484Scrubbed
Potter, Richard Selstrom Navigator42-102518Scrubbed
Poulsen, Leonard Irvin Ball Turret42-31484Scrubbed
Proto, Michael John Navigator44-8211Completed, Uninjured
Ray, Virgie N Engineer/Top Turret42-102459Scrubbed
Reed, Warren Derome Radio Operator42-102518Scrubbed
Regan, Richard George Engineer/Top Turret43-37843Scrubbed
Relyea, Rulon Douglas Radio Operator42-32106Scrubbed
Rex, Kenneth M Pilot43-37917Scrubbed
Rizzuti, Leonard James Tail Gunner42-97960Scrubbed
Roberts, Jack Deighton Bombardier43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Rosenfield, Arthur (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Rothschild, Theodore (NMI) Togglier43-38673Scrubbed
Samuels, Robert Howard Ball Turret43-38678Scrubbed
Saxton, John C Co-pilot44-6109Scrubbed
Schaaf, Herbert Henry Tail Gunner44-8221Completed, Uninjured
Schissel, Gregory Anthony Co-pilot44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Scrivner, Dwight Arnold Engineer/Top Turret42-98000Scrubbed
Seidel, John Clarence Engineer/Top Turret42-31484Scrubbed
Senchuk, Paul Sam Radio Operator42-97150Scrubbed
Sharp, Paul Howard Navigator43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Shelley, John K Pilot43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Sienkiewicz, Henry Chester Bombardier43-37971Completed, Uninjured
Simmons, Robert Edwin Co-pilot42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Simmons, Thomas Howard Ball Turret42-97271Scrubbed
Slachetka, Henry Joseph Bombardier43-37917Scrubbed
Smisek, William Joseph Co-pilot44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Soto, Roman Serrano Radio Operator43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Spann, Lynwood Erskin Navigator42-37822Scrubbed
Starr, William George Pilot43-37717Scrubbed
Steele, Robert C Navigator42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Stockman, William A Navigator44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Stone, Edward B Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38678Scrubbed
Storey, Wallace Arnold Pilot43-38678Scrubbed
Stornant, Victor Joseph Engineer/Top Turret42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Strycek, Joseph J Tail Gunner44-6592Completed, Uninjured
Stundis, Hilari H Co-pilot43-38850Scrubbed
Sweeney, James Edmond Co-pilot43-38678Scrubbed
Taliaferro, Philip A Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-31484Scrubbed
Tatulis, Charles P Pilot42-102501Scrubbed
Thompson, LeDru M Tail Gunner43-38673Scrubbed
Titus, William L Navigator43-38752Scrubbed
Tod, Kniland Everett Togglier43-38678Scrubbed
Touton, William F Pilot42-32106Scrubbed
Towers, Leo Frank Bombardier44-6109Scrubbed
Tozer, Phillo Raymond Co-pilot43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Treadway, Hobart Wayne Co-pilot42-97960Scrubbed
Trzynka, Harold A Radio Operator44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Tuck, Sam Gail Co-pilot43-38801Completed, Uninjured
Tumlinson, Wilburn Wier Co-pilot42-38208Completed, Uninjured
Ultcht, John P Pilot42-37822Scrubbed
Van Britson, Raymond Jules Waist (Flexible) Gunner43-38262Completed, Uninjured
Van Popering, Earle Allen Co-pilot43-37703Scrubbed
Vickers, Charles Dunnington Engineer/Top Turret43-38630Completed, Uninjured
Vogel, Daniel (NMI) Engineer/Top Turret43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Waggoner, Harold Lewis Waist (Flexible) Gunner44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Walker, Jay F Pilot43-38616Completed, Uninjured
Ward, Robert C Navigator44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Warner, Henry L Pilot42-31484Scrubbed
Warner, Homer J Ball Turret43-38752Scrubbed
Weckerly, John B Navigator43-37843Scrubbed
Weideman, Dennis Archer Pilot44-6105Completed, Uninjured
Weisenberg, Leonard Pilot43-38673Scrubbed
Welsh, James H Co-pilot43-38673Scrubbed
Wetherbee, Owen L Engineer/Top Turret43-38752Scrubbed
Whear, Harold Lewis Radio Operator42-37822Scrubbed
Williams, John Allen Waist (Flexible) Gunner42-107148Completed, Uninjured
Wolfe, Jack S Co-pilot42-98000Scrubbed
Woodruff, Walter Charles Engineer/Top Turret42-97309Scrubbed
Woodworth, John Dempster Pilot44-6514Completed, Uninjured
Worthen, Kirk Winthrop Pilot44-6476Scrubbed
Wright, David Dobali Tail Gunner42-102518Scrubbed
Ziner, Allen Edward Engineer/Top Turret42-97150Scrubbed
Zook, Lloyd E Engineer/Top Turret43-38673Scrubbed