Hanna, William Lyvere

Individual Personnel Data
Name Hanna, William Lyvere   
Rank Staff Sergeant / Private
Serial Number 39022471   
Unit Assignments Assigned to the 545th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), per Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, Special Orders #70 dated 11 March 1943, effective 11 March 1943.
Duty Flexible Gunner
MOS748 - Army Airplane Mechanic / Gunner, Flight Engineer
Last Duty Date 28 October 1943
Results Transferred
Additional Information
Transferred per 545th Bombardment Squadron Morning Report dated 28 October 1943.
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Crew Composition When Assigned to the 384th BG
Original 384th Combat Crew
2nd Lt. Olbinski, Robert JamesPilotPOW
2nd Lt. Swift, Harry RCo-pilotPOW
2nd Lt. Grandpre, Richard EliasNavigatorPOW
2nd Lt. Turner, Douglas HaigBombardierKIA
S/SGT. Reed, Oliver EugeneRadio Operator / GunnerPOW
S/SGT. Trickett, Ernest MiltonEngineer / Top Turret GunnerKIA
S/SGT. Werbanec, George FrankBall Turret GunnerPOW
S/SGT. Cooke, Harold JosephTail GunnerKIA
S/SGT. Hanna, William LyvereFlexible GunnerTR
PVT. Waterman, George WFlexible GunnerKIA

Crew History

The Olbinski Crew joined the 545th BS at Wendover on 11 March 1943. Identified as 'Crew #17' on the assignment order, they became the first 'Crew #59' in the squadron. Prior to transferring overseas, Counihan replaced Hanna for unknown reasons. They trained at Wendover, Sioux City, and Kearney, and then flew to England together.
They entered combat together, flying the 384th's first mission on 22 June 1943, but were shot down over enemy territory. Turner, Trickett, Cooke and Waterman were KIA, and the rest of the crew became POWs for the duration of the war.

Missions, Aircraft, Crews
This individual was credited with 1 Combat Mission.
Number Date Target Position Aircraft Mission/Sortie Information
12 29 July 1943 Target: Naval Base
Type: Military
Location: Kiel, Germany
Engineer/Top Turret 42‑30030 Combat Mission Credit
Sortie Report

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