Crew 17 - 2Lt Robert J. Olbinski, 545th BS
  • 2LT Robert J. Olbinski
  • 2LT Harry R. Swift
  • 2LT Richard E. Grandpre
  • 2LT Douglas H. Turner (KIA)
  • SSGT William L. Hanna (CT)
  • SSGT Ernest M. Trickett (KIA)
  • SSGT Oliver E. Reed
  • SSGT George F. Werbanec
  • SSGT Harold J. Cooke (KIA)
  • PVT George W. Waterman (KIA)
Above verified with Gowen SO # 70, 11 MARCH 1943

This crew was shot down on the 384th's first mission, on 22 June, 1943. Except as noted, the crewmembers became prisoners of war, and spent close to two years in German POW camps. Sgt. Hanna was apparently replaced on that mission by SGT William J. Counihan, who also became a POW.

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