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Mission # 71


Mission Date 4 March 1944
384th Mission
Mission Number 71
8th Air Force Mission Mission Number 247
Mission Comments Weather Alters Mission
The 384th Bombardment Group (H) flew as the low group of the 41st Combat Wing on today's mission. The Group had difficulty attaining its position in the wing formation because the wing leader used speeds greater than SOP, finally catching up near the Ruhr Valley. With the ground completely obscured by dense cloud cover, the wing commander informed his formation that they would bomb a target of opportunity (TOO), initially thought to be Cologne (Köln), Germany, but later determined to be Bonn.
Primary Target Type: Military
Location: Berlin, Germany
Target Attacked (Mode) TOO (Visual)
Type: Non-Military
Location: Bonn, Germany
Sortie/Aircraft Summary Completed Mission, not including spares - 10
Failed To Return - 3
Aborted - 7
Scrubbed - 1
Flying Spare, Completed Mission - 2
Ground Spare Aircraft, Unused - 1
Mission Personnel Mission Personnel Roster or Mission Loading Lists
Mission Documents Combat Mission Records and Plans obtained from the National Archives

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Aircraft Pilot Results Mission/Sortie Information
42‑3441Smith, Harry Bailey Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31166Poole, George Irvin Flying Spare,
Completed Mission
Flying spare; joined formation.
42‑31211[N/A]Lead Ground Spare
Aircraft, Unused
42‑31235Allison, Earl Thomas Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31364West, George Berry AbortedTurned back at 1035 hrs; aircraft took off late and was unable to locate the group formation due to poor visibility.
42‑31375Knapp, Paul Bernard Completed MissionHigh Squadron deputy.
42‑31433Urton, Raymond Lee Completed MissionLow Squadron deputy.
42‑31484Laboda, Joseph Stanley Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31495Foster, James E AbortedGround Spare Aircraft; replaced 42‑39888. Turned back at 1018 hrs because #2 & #3 engines were running rough, were smoking and detonating; tach and manifold pressure oscillated.
42‑31606Lovvorn, Hollie Ray Failed to ReturnLow Squadron lead. Left formation at 1156 hrs right after bombs away going down under control, apparently in good condition and covered by friendly fighters; damaged by flak, crashed about 15 km northwest of Amiens, France. MACR 2739.
42‑31740Clayton, John Earl Flying Spare,
Completed Mission
Flying spare, joined formation.
42‑31871Outen, Charles Levi Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31926Fioretti, Edward Anthony Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑32007Cosentino, George (NMI) Failed to ReturnIn formation at bomb release at 1157 hrs; damaged by flak, crashed 3 km north of Ransart, Belgium. MACR 2740
42‑37792Pryor, Raymond Thomas AbortedTurned back at 1010 hrs because engineer was knocked out while fixing the ball turret; when azimuth power switch was released, it caused the turret to swing around and hit the engineer in the head; he was taken to Thrapston Hospital for observation.
42‑37801Smith, Roger Clement AbortedTurned back at 0955 hrs; oxygen failure; dropped from 350 lbs to 250 lbs in 30 minutes without use.
42‑37982Goller, Theodore (NMI) Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑38014Jorgenson, Henry (NMI) AbortedTurned back at 1010 hrs because fuel transfer pump was inoperative.
42‑38112Thompson, Siguard (NMI) AbortedGroup deputy. Turned back at 1048 hrs over enemy territory because #1, #2, and #3 engines were smoking very badly after pulling excessive manifold pressure for 30 minutes; aircraft was vibrating very badly.
42‑38208Bennett, Phillip Nathan Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑39888[N/A]ScrubbedReplaced by Ground Spare Aircraft 42‑31495.
42‑39991Carpenter, Walter Richard Failed to ReturnHigh Squadron lead. Was seen in formation at bombs away; at 1202 aircraft peeled off and left formation under control; all engines were running, but one may have been hit by flak; last seen going down still under control; flak, crashed 1 km south of Blangermont, France. MACR 2741
42‑97449Daskey, Kendall (NMI) AbortedTurned back because of oxygen system damage; filler line on ball turret was torn off.
42‑97477Edwards, Floyd Clinton Completed MissionGroup lead.