Mission # 36


Mission Date 16 November 1943
384th Mission
Mission Number 36
VIII Bomber Command Mission Mission Number 131   (more...)
Mission Comments Several Bomb Runs
The 384th Bombardment Group (H) led the 41st Combat Wing and 1st Bomb Division on today's mission. From the Division Leader's Narrative: 'We dropped down to 14,000 feet to bomb and did not drop any lower because the low Group would be in the clouds. We could not find the target. None of the other Groups seemed to be able to find it either, so we went back out to the coastline to orient ourselves. We came back in, and thought we were on the target, but we were not sure, so we did not drop our bombs. We made three more bomb runs on the target trying to release our bombs, but they would not release, so on the last run we had our Deputy drop his bombs on signal from the lead plane, and the others dropped on him.'
Primary Target Target: Knaben II Molybdenum Mine
Type: Industry
Location: Knaben, Norway
Target Attacked (Mode) Primary (Visual)
Sortie/Aircraft Summary Completed Mission, not including spares - 20
Aborted - 1
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Mission Documents Combat Mission Records and Plans obtained from the National Archives

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Aircraft Pilot Results Mission/Sortie Information
41‑24525Kaczaraba, William (NMI) Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
41‑24557Sundlun, Bruce George Completed MissionLow Squadron lead.
41‑24560Jorgenson, Henry (NMI) AbortedTurned back due to loose oil line on prop governor
42‑3259Bedsole, Joseph Linyer Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑3429Estes, Thomas Jefferson Completed MissionHigh Squadron lead.
42‑3440Merritt, James Melvin Completed MissionLanded away at RAF Catfoss, Yorks.
42‑3441Willing, Mark Skinner Completed MissionGroup deputy.
42‑5051Morrison, Donald Sylvester Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑5838Frink, Horace Everett Completed MissionDivision lead. Salvoed bombs near target (faulty bomb release mechanism).
42‑29554Yelvington, Melton Albert Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑29632Ashcraft, Archie Bertis Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑29987Fields, Leon Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑30033Jones, William Arch Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31058Herbert, Joseph Robert Completed MissionLanded away at RAF Ouston (now RA Albemarle Barracks), near Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
42‑31073Martin, Rudolph Alfred Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑37776Ross, Burton Raymond Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑37785Carpenter, Walter Richard Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑37816Edwards, Floyd Clinton Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑37828Jacobs, Randolph George Edward Completed MissionLanded away at RAF Lissett, Yorkshire.
42‑37848Stearns, Clarence Grover Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑39796Nelson, Darwin George Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT