Mission # 13


Mission Date 30 July 1943
VIII Bomber Command Operations Show Operations
384th Bomb Group Mission
384th BG Mission Number 13, VIII BC Mission Number 80
Bombers Plaster Kassel
The 384th Bombardment Group (H) flew with the 303rd BG and 379th BG in wing formation on today's mission. Opposition stiffened as they neared the target, but they were able to drop their bombs on the primary target area (it is not known whether the Waldau or the Bettenhausen works were attacked by this group). Flak over Kassel, and subsequent vigorous fighter attacks wounded several crew members and damaged many of the Group's aircraft, but all managed to return to England, although not all made it to Grafton Underwood that day.
Primary Target Target: Aircraft Assembly Plant
Type: Aircraft Industry
Location: Kassel, Germany
Target Attacked (Mode) Primary (Visual)
Sortie/Aircraft Summary Completed Mission, not including spares - 10
Crashed - 1
Ground Spare Aircraft, Unused - 4
Scrubbed - 1
Aborted - 2
Mission Personnel Mission Personnel Roster or Mission Loading Lists
Mission Documents Combat Mission Records and Plans obtained from the National Archives
Other Mission Documents 1943-07-30, Group Lead, G. Harris, P. Algar

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Aircraft Pilot Results Mission/Sortie Information
42‑3074[N/A]Ground Spare Aircraft, Unused 
42‑3104[N/A]Ground Spare Aircraft, Unused 
42‑3216Kelly, James HenryCompleted MissionGround Spare Aircraft; replaced 42‑3259.
42‑3259[N/A]Scrubbed: Did Not Take OffReplaced by Ground Spare Aircraft 42‑3216.
42‑5051[N/A]Ground Spare Aircraft, Unused 
42‑5848Harry, William RussellCrashed In Allied TerritoryCrash-landed at Boxted, AAF Station 150, on return, with extensive battle damage due to enemy aircraft and flak, with five wounded crewmen aboard. 2nd Lt. William Russell Harry awarded Silver Star (see 'As Briefed' p. 197).
42‑5849Sierens, Ernest JosephCompleted MissionLanded away at Attlebridge, AAF Station 120, on return, reason unknown.
42‑29686Bigelow, William HoraceCompleted MissionLow Squadron deputy.
42‑29699Frink, Horace EverettCompleted MissionLanded away at Martlesham Heath, AAF Station 369, on return, reason unknown.
42‑29703Sprague, Alfred LeeCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑29768Willing, Mark SkinnerCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑29927Wilson, Clayton RCompleted MissionGroup deputy.
42‑29956Hausenfluck, Jesse DeeCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑29985Swank, Robert DaleAborted Mission After Taking Off.Turned back ten miles from the English coast due to 'high cylinder head temperatures and rough No. 2 engine.'
42‑30026Algar, Philip MorrisCompleted MissionGroup lead.
42‑30039[N/A]Ground Spare Aircraft, Unused 
42‑30065Keck, George BCompleted MissionLow Squadron lead. Landed away at Horham, AAF Station 119, on return with extensive battle damage, low fuel, and a wounded crewman.
42‑30196Bishop, Charles WAborted Mission After Taking Off.Turned back 62 miles into Belgium because hydraulic fluid was coming down into the ball turret, which was inoperative, the left waist gun and left top turret gun were out of order, and the tachometer on one engine was oscillating wildly.