James W. Smith Crew

Model Crew

  • LT James W. Smith (P)
  • LT George B. Keck (CP)
  • LT Robin E Taber (N)
  • LT Francis J. Meyers (B)
  • SSGT John J. Reichwein (RO)
  • SSGT Robert H. Buckley (ENG/TT)
  • SGT Lynn T. Jones (BT)
  • SGT William F. Igou (TG)
  • SGT Stanley W. McArthur (FG)

Crew Lost on 25 June 1943

  • MAJ Selden I. McMillin (P/AC), POW
  • *1LT James W. Smith (CP), POW
  • CAPT JJames H. Foister (N), (POW)
  • * 1LT Francis J. Meyers (B), (POW)
  • * TSGT John J. Reichwein (RO), POW
  • * TSGT Robert H. Buckley (ENG/TT), KIA
  • * SSGT Lynn T. Jones (BT), POW
  • 1LT Arthur W. Nelson (TG), POW (reguar co-pilot, flew as formation observer on this mission)
  • * SSGT Stanley W. McArthur (FG), POW
  • SGT David A. Pratt (FG), POW

* indicates original members of the Model Crew lost on this mission.

Model Crew, 547th Bombardment Squadron

Original crew assigned to the 547th BS on 27 January 1943 (squadron history).

Shot down on the Group's 3rd mission to Hamburg, Germany, on June 25, 1943. Aboard the ship was the 384th's Deputy Group Commander, Major Selden McMillin, and Group Navigator Capt. J. H. Foister. Major McMillin, as a POW, wrote a postcard addressed to "My Commanding Officer" with the message "Keep The Show on the Road," which became the Group's motto.