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Stephens, Milton Irven

Individual Personnel Data
Name Stephens, Milton Irven
Rank Private
Serial Number 18190514
Unit Assignments Assigned to the 547th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #139 dated 16 July 1944, effective 16 July 1944.
Duty Flexible Gunner
MOS748 - Army Airplane Mechanic / Gunner, Flight Engineer
Last Duty Date TBD
Results TBD

Crew Composition When Assigned to the 384th BG
Replacement Combat Crew
2nd Lt. Parker, George FrederickPilotCT
2nd Lt. Woodworth, John DempsterCo-pilotCT
2nd Lt. Cavanaugh, William DanielNavigatorCT
2nd Lt. Cresto, John AnthonyBombardierPOW
S/SGT. Webb, John ClydeRadio Operator / GunnerCT
S/SGT. Robb, Gordon LeeEngineer / Top Turret GunnerCT
SGT. McNeff, Charles LeoBall Turret GunnerCT
SGT. Stamm, Hiram Walton, "Nick"Tail GunnerCT
SGT. Grabow, Carl ArthurFlexible GunnerCT
PVT. Stephens, Milton IrvenFlexible GunnerTBD

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