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Bodenschatz, William John

Individual Personnel Data
Name Bodenschatz, William John   
Rank Staff Sergeant
Serial Number 13021083   
Unit Assignments
  • Assigned to the 6th Service Squadron, per 6th Service Squadron Payroll Roster 1943-01, effective 6 January 1943.
  • Assigned to the 443rd Sub Depot, per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #148 dated 19 November 1943., effective 19 November 1943.
  • Assigned to the 841st Air Engineering Squadron, per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #82 EXTRACT dated 15 April 1945., effective 15 April 1945.
Duty Undetermined
MOS747 - Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Last Duty Date 21 October 1945
Results Transferred
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