Lee, Roy James

Individual Personnel Data
Name Lee, Roy James
Rank Flight Officer
Serial Number T-60146
Unit Assignments
  • Assigned to the 546th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), per Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, Special Orders #70 dated 11 March 1943 and 546th Bomb Squadron Morning Report dated 13 March 1943., effective 11 March 1943.
  • Assigned to the A non-384th related unit, per 546th Bomb Squadron Morning Report dated 3 May 1943 - Crew #66 transferred to Kearney AAB, Nebraska, effective 1 May 1943.
Duty Pilot
MOS1091 - Pilot, B-17
Last Duty Date 1 May 1943
Results Transferred
Additional Information
Roy J. Lee did not deploy with the 384th Bombardment Group. He was Killed in a Flying Accident, 1 August 1943 in B-17 42-30326 at Cape Lookout, Oregon.

Crew Composition When Assigned to the 384th BG
Original 384th Combat Crew
Flt. Ofcr. Lee, Roy JamesPilotTR
Flt. Ofcr. Smith, Gorman WCo-pilotTR
2nd Lt. Anderson, Howard FNavigatorTR
2nd Lt. Perez, Wilber Lee, "Buck"BombardierTR
S/SGT. Wilson, Hoyt WeberTail GunnerTR
S/SGT. Tate, Charles Forest, JrFlexible GunnerPOW
S/SGT. Battin, Carl EmreyFlexible GunnerTR
S/SGT. Lilly, HarryFlexible GunnerTR
S/SGT. Puzio, Benjamin JosephFlexible GunnerTR
S/SGT. Priest, Delmar FFlexible GunnerTR

Crew History

While the Lee Crew was assigned to the 546th BS on 13 March 1943 at Wendover, most of its members were transferred elsewhere prior to going overseas. Tate remained with the squadron and became a regular member of the Floyd Edwards Crew, flying with them to England and also on several missions. He was on the Sweningsen Crew when they were shot down on 17 August 1943.

Smith apparently served in the Pacific with the 5th Bombardment Group flying B-24s. Battin served with the 100th BG and ended up a POW. Anderson was transferred out of the 546th Bomb Squadron on 30 March 1943.

The following were involved in a flying accident in Oregon on 1 August 1943, and all perished except Perez: Lee, Lilly, Perez, Priest, Puzio, and Wilson.

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