Schamber, Albert Martin

Individual Personnel Data
Name Schamber, Albert Martin   
Rank Staff Sergeant
Serial Number 37300035   
Unit Assignments Assigned to the 544th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #129 dated 27 October 1943, effective 27 October 1943.
Duty Tail Gunner
MOS612 - Airplane Armorer / Gunner
Last Duty Date 26 November 1943
Results Killed In Action
Final Resting Place or Memorial: Fort Snelling National Cemetery, South Minneapolis, Minnesota
Additional Information
Died of exposure after ditching on 26 November 1943: his body was recovered (MACR 1579).
Related Documents Missing Air Crew Report # 1579 (30.215 MB)
'Valor: The Saga of Barrel House Bessie' in Air Force Magazine
Photo Album:Crew Photo Album

Crew Composition When Assigned to the 384th BG
Replacement Combat Crew
2nd Lt. Morrison, Donald SylvesterPilotCT
2nd Lt. DeMille, Robert EversleyCo-pilotTBD
2nd Lt. Childs, Everett LynnNavigatorEV
2nd Lt. Pitelka, Francis JeromeBombardierTR
T/SGT. Striesfeld, Nathan (NMI)Radio Operator / GunnerTR
T/SGT. Henry, Maurice Victor, "Red"Engineer / Top Turret GunnerMIA
S/SGT. Engwer, Donald LeroyBall Turret GunnerCT
S/SGT. Schamber, Albert MartinTail GunnerKIA
S/SGT. Bucher, James FrankFlexible GunnerMIA
S/SGT. Burger, Joseph EarnestFlexible GunnerTBD

Crew History

The ten members of the Morrison Crew arrived at two different times: the officers arrived on 6 October 1943, and the enlisted men arrived on 27 October 1943. Evidence linking them together as a single crew was obtained from a photo taken during their stateside training (the photo does not include Schamber). Navigator Childs flew his first mission with another crew on 14 November 1943 and was shot down, thus not flying any missions with the Morrison Crew. The other members flew at least one mission each with Morrison, but it is clear that the crew identity was lost - at least on combat missions. Morrison, DeMille, Engwer, and Burger were transferred to the 305th BG on 20 March 1944, and all returned to the 384th in April 1944. Bucher (MIA), Henry (MIA), and Schamber (KIA) did not survive their tours; Childs was shot down but evaded capture.

Missions, Aircraft, Crews
This individual was credited with 3 Combat Missions.
Number Date Target Position Aircraft Mission/Sortie Information
34 3 November 1943 Target: Port Area
Type: Transportation
Location: Wilhelmshafen, Germany
Tail Gunner 42‑5051 Combat Mission Credit
Sortie Report
36 16 November 1943 Target: Knaben II Molybdenum Mine
Type: Industry
Location: Knaben, Norway
Tail Gunner 42‑5051 Combat Mission Credit
Sortie Report
37 26 November 1943 Target: City Center
Type: Non-Military
Location: Bremen, Germany
Tail Gunner 42‑5051 Combat Mission Credit
Damaged by flak, ditched in the North Sea near the English coast, with most of the crew rescued; MACR 1579; T/Sgt. Maurice Henry awarded posthumous Distinguished Service Cross, Owens p.195; Maj. William Gilmore awarded Silver Star, Owens p. 198.
Sortie Report

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