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Lessig, Joseph Watson

Individual Personnel Data
Name Lessig, Joseph Watson   
Rank Second Lieutenant / First Lieutenant
Serial Number O-804355   
Unit Assignments
  • Assigned to the 547th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), per AAF Station 106 Special Orders #34 dated 20 February 1944, effective 20 February 1944.
  • Assigned to the A non-384th related unit, per 547TH Bomb Squadron Morning Report - 70th Reinforcement Depot AAF 594, effective 30 May 1945.
Duty Pilot
MOS1091 - Pilot, B-17
Last Duty Date 18 March 1944
Results Interned, Neutral Country
Additional Information
Interned in Switzerland.
Promoted from 2LT to 1LT per HQ 8th Air Force Special Orders #152 dated 1 June 1945.
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Photo Album:Crew Photo Album

Crew Composition When Assigned to the 384th BG
Replacement Combat Crew
2nd Lt. Lessig, Joseph WatsonPilotINT
2nd Lt. MacKichan, William GrahamCo-pilotKIA
2nd Lt. Howell, William WrightNavigatorINT
2nd Lt. Loh, Phillip Henry, IIIBombardierINT
S/SGT. Hay, James FranklinRadio Operator / GunnerINT
S/SGT. O'Brien, John GeraldEngineer / Top Turret GunnerINT
SGT. Gormley, Edward OliverBall Turret GunnerINT
SGT. Gardner, Eugene FrederickTail GunnerINT
CPL. Harper, Richard WightFlexible GunnerINT
SGT. Froment, Dorrance VerlFlexible GunnerINT

Missions, Aircraft, Crews
This individual was credited with 2 Combat Missions.
Number Date Target Position Aircraft Mission/Sortie Information
75 16 March 1944 Target: Aircraft Assembly & Repair Works
Type: Aircraft Industry
Location: Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
Co-pilot 42‑38158 Combat Mission Credit
Ground Spare Aircraft; replaced 42‑38013.
Sortie Report
76 18 March 1944 Target: Aircraft Assembly & Repair Works
Type: Aircraft Industry
Location: Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
Co-pilot 42‑31871 Combat Mission Credit
At 1445 hrs called Group Leader saying he had two engines out and would try for home; had escort of four friendly fighters; force-landed at Dubendorf, Switzerland; MACR 3485. From 303rd BG: 'Secret equipment destroyed. Landed wheels down at Dubendorf. Wheels retracted after landing, but aircraft could not be burned because of Swiss interference. Target was bombed. Could not feather #1 engine out on bomb run. Half power obtained from engines Nos. 2 and 3 which were running rough.'
Sortie Report

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