Non-Credited Mission


Mission Date 16 February 1945
Eighth Air Force Operations Operations description not yet available.
384th Bomb Group Mission
384th BG Mission Number , Eighth AF Force Mission Number 833
Strategic Operations Continue
The Eighth Air Force dispatched 375 B-17s to hit the Harpenerweg oil refinery at Dortmund (78), and oil refineries at Nordstern (104) and Minsterstein (112); 30 hit the marshalling yard at Münster, a secondary target; targets of opportunity are Langendreer (23) and other (2); bombing is by Gee-H with some visual. The 92nd Bomb Group was among the forces assigned to hit targets in the Dortmund area.
Primary Target Target: Coking Plant
Type: Oil Industry
Location: Dortmund, Germany
Target Attacked (Mode) Primary (Visual)
Sortie/Aircraft Summary Completed Mission, not including spares - 1
Mission Personnel Mission Personnel Roster or Mission Loading Lists
Mission Documents Combat Mission Records and Plans obtained from the National Archives

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Aircraft Pilot Results Mission/Sortie Information
Unknown[PILOT TBD]Completed MissionThe 384th Bomb Group provided a PFF/Gee-H Navigator to the 92nd Bomb Group, who was assigned to the Wing Lead aircraft: the aircraft and the remainder of the crew were provided by other groups.