B-17G 43-39444

Aircraft Details

Serial Number: 43-39444
Name: Not Known
Manufacturer: Built by the Boeing Airplane Company
Squadron: 544th Bombardment Squadron (H)
Aircraft ID Code: SU*J
Start Date: 10 April 1945. New Replacement AC.
Missions: This aircraft was credited with 6 combat missions with the 384th.
End Date: 18 September 1946. Istres: Moved with the Group to Istres/Le Tube, France.
Photo Album: Photos of aircraft 43-39444

B-17G Aircraft 43-39444 Was Assigned To 7 Missions,
Earning Combat Credit For 6 Of Them
Number Date Target Results Mission/Sortie Information
31014 April 1945Target: Gun Battery
Type: Military
Location: Royan (Bordeaux), France
Completed Mission Sortie Report
31115 April 1945Target: Flak guns at Pointe de Suzac
Type: Military
Location: Royan, France
Completed Mission Sortie Report
31216 April 1945Target: Railroad Marshalling Yards
Type: Transportation
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Completed Mission Sortie Report
31317 April 1945Target: Railroad Marshalling Yards
Type: Transportation
Location: Dresden, Germany
Completed Mission Sortie Report
31419 April 1945Target: Railroad Station & Marshalling Yards
Type: Transportation
Location: Elsterwerda, Germany
Completed Mission Sortie Report
--23 April 1945Training
Flight Completed Sortie Report
31625 April 1945Target: Skoda Armament Works
Type: Industry
Location: Pilsen / Plzeň, Czechoslovakia
Completed Mission Sortie Report