B-17F 42-30058

Aircraft Details

Serial Number: 42-30058
Name: Not Known
Manufacturer: Built by the Boeing Airplane Company, B-17F-85-BO, Camouflage
Squadron: 546th Bombardment Squadron (H)
Squadron ID Code: 546th‑BK*M
Ground Crew Chief: McIntire, Bruce Dodson
Start Date: 17 June 1943. New Replacement AC.
Missions: This aircraft was credited with 1 combat mission with the 384th.
End Date: 26 June 1943. Failed to return from combat operations.
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B-17F Aircraft 42-30058 Was Assigned To 3 Missions Manned by 384th BG Personnel,
Earning Combat Credit For 1 Of Them
Number Date Target Results Mission/Sortie Information
--23 June 1943Bernay-Saint-Martin, France, RECALLEDMission Recalled Sortie Report
225 June 1943Target: Industrial Area & Submarine Pens
Type: Military
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Aborted Mission After Taking Off.Turned back with gyrocompass out and altimeter erratic. Landed away at Bottisham, AAF Station 374.
Sortie Report
326 June 1943Target: Villacoublay Airfield
Type: German Air Force (Luftwaffe)
Location: Paris, France
Failed To ReturnAttacked by enemy aircraft; with #2 engine burning, five crewmembers bailed out; exploded in midair and crashed between Plessis-St-Benoist and Etampes, France, 30 miles south of Paris. No MACR.
Sortie Report