B-17F 42-29733

Aircraft Details

Serial Number: 42-29733
Manufacturer: Built by the Boeing Airplane Company
Squadron: 544th Bombardment Squadron (H)
Squadron ID Code: SU*D
Squadron ID Code: 544th-SU*D
Start Date: 6 November 1943. Transferred: received from the 305th BG.
Missions: This aircraft was credited with 2 combat missions with the 384th.
End Date: 16 December 1943. Salvaged: Crash-landed at Coltishall on return from combat mission.
Photo Album: Aircraft 42-29733 Photo Album

B-17F Aircraft 42-29733 Was Assigned To 3 Missions Manned by 384th BG Personnel,
Earning Combat Credit For 2 Of Them
Number Date Target Results Mission/Sortie Information
405 December 1943Target: Fighter Airfield
Type: German Air Force (Luftwaffe)
Location: Saint-Jean-d'Angély, France
Spare, Returned As Briefed Sortie Report
4213 December 1943Target: Port Area
Type: Transportation
Location: Bremen, Germany
Completed MissionLow group.
Sortie Report
4316 December 1943Target: Port Area
Type: Transportation
Location: Bremen, Germany
Completed MissionCrash-landed (overshot) at RAF Coltishall due to battle damage. "The A/C is a total wreck but none of the crew were injured."
Sortie Report