B-17F 41-24529

Aircraft Details

Serial Number: 41-24529
Name: Not Known
Manufacturer: Built by the Boeing Airplane Company
Squadron: 546th Bombardment Squadron (H)
Squadron ID Code: BK*E
Squadron ID Code: 546th-BK*E
Ground Crew Chief: Jacobs, Gilbert O
Start Date: 22 September 1943. Transferred: received from the 305th BG.
Missions: No combat missions flown with the 384th.
End Date: 9 October 1943. Salvaged: Crashed on landing after maintenance flight.
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B-17F Aircraft 41-24529 Was Assigned To 2 Missions Manned by 384th BG Personnel,
Earning Combat Credit For 0 Of Them
Number Date Target Results Mission/Sortie Information
309 October 1943Target: Aircraft Factories
Type: Aircraft Industry
Location: Anklam, Germany
AbortedGround Spare Aircraft; replaced 42‑3216. Subsequently aborted, unable to locate formation after late takeoff.
Sortie Report
--9 October 1943Maintenance
CrashedBerbrich took off at 1516 hrs for the purpose of slow-timing two engines (note that pilot Willing aborted this aircraft from the morning combat mission, landing at 1012 hrs). After flying for one-and-one-half hours, a fuel problem developed, so he attempted to land at 1640 hrs, running off the end of the runway and seriously damaging the aircraft.
Sortie Report