B-17G 42-97450

Aircraft Details

Serial Number: 42-97450
Name: Not Known
Manufacturer: Built by the Vega Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of Lockheed Corporation
Squadron: 546th Bombardment Squadron (H)
Aircraft ID Code: BK*M
Start Date: 20 February 1944. Transferred: received from the 457th BG.
Missions: This aircraft was credited with 1 combat mission with the 384th.
End Date: 22 February 1944. Failed to return from combat operations.
Photo Album: No Photo Album For This Aircraft

B-17G Aircraft 42-97450 Was Assigned To 1 Mission,
Earning Combat Credit For 1 Of Them
Number Date Target Results Mission/Sortie Information
6522 February 1944Target: Aircraft Factory
Type: Aircraft Industry
Location: Halberstadt & Aschersleben, Germany
Failed to Return41B Group. Shot down in vigorous attacks by 15 Me-109s, between 1230 and 1300 hrs, near Münster, Germany; 10 chutes emerged; crashed near Wesel, Germany. MACR 2464
Sortie Report