2LT Herbert T. Swanson Crew (545th BS)th BS
    • 2LT Herbert T. Swanson, pilot and aircraft commander
    • LT Donald O. Smith, co-pilot
    • LT Charles O. White, navigator
    • LT Austin W. Dunning, bombardier
    • SSgt James H. Young, top turret, KIA 13 April 1944
    • SSgt Clarence M. Wieseckel, radio-operator
    • Sgt Ralph W. Sack, right waist gunner
    • Sgt Gordon W. McIntosh, ball turret gunner
    • Sgt Edward F. Zabinski, tail gunner
    • Sgt Donald M. Brown, left waist gunner
    • 1LT A W Nelson (original co-pilot, flew as TG/observer on June 25).
This crew arrived at Grafton Underwood sometime after 21 March 1944. The crew was assigned a B-17F already named “The Joker”. It had been built by Boeing at Seattle, Washington, and delivered to the US Army Air Forces on 31 January 1944. Its serial number was 42-97124. They flew two missions, on 9th and 13th April 1944 - they bailed out on 13 April - one killed over Schweinfurt: James H Young

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