SSGT Delbert Storm

SSGT Storm upon completion of his last mission.

BACK L-R: LT Edwin Frederick, LT Edward Sienkiewicz, LT William Stockman

SSGT Gene Foster, TSGT Alvin Orth, TSGT John Ballenger, SSGT Delbert Storm, TSGT Hollis Crowell.

LEFT PICTURE L-R: LT's Frederick, Sienkiewicz, and Stockman.

RIGHT PICTURE L-R: SGT's Crowell, Storm, Ballenger, Orth, and Foster.

LEFT: 547th Air 1 Barracks.

RIGHT: 547th Main Office, schedules inside.

Luxurious 547th BS quarters.

LT Frederick on English transportation.

LEFT: Tell-tale contrails.

RIGHT: Flak and bombs away.

LEFT: Coming home.

1989 reunion, RIGHT: BACK L-R: Zanin, Frederick, Orth, Sienkiewicz. FRONT L-R: Wilson, Crowell, Stockman, Storm (Missing: Ballenger and Foster).

Photos courtesy of Delbert Storm