Website Vision

  • Provide an accessible repository of 384th BG information, with information logically interconnected, that supports inquiries into the experiences and accomplishemnts of the group.
  • Provide outreach to acquire additional material and information to add to the record.
  • Foster future preservation thru the use of open technoligies for data storage and presentation.

Fair Use Policy

All materials on this site are intended for unrestricted private use. Please copy and use as needed to compile a Veteran's memory book, or to support your WWII research. If you wish to incorporate anything from this site in a commercial product of any kind, request authorization in advance. Be aware that copyright may be retained by the original contributor, so that additional time may be needed to secure clearance.

Privacy Policy

This website does not collect personal information on visitors. If you contribute information, your contact information is retained with your contribution - it is not made available to others without your explicit advance consent.

The "Staff"

With the website under new management in September 2004, you should not be surprised to learn that changes are in progress. Before getting into that, I want to express thanks to Marc Poole for his outstanding work creating this site and making it such a valuable source of information about the 384th. I am very pleased that he has confidence in me to carry on his vision for this site - I will do my best to honor the memory of the 384th, the personnel, the deeds, the sacrifice. And of course, by honoring the 384th, we honor the contributions of all service personnel who have, and continue to, defend Sweet Freedom.

And who, you might ask, am I? Well that is a legitimate question. I am an aerospace engineer living and working in Northeast Texas, who is the son of 384th co-pilot Robert Henry Preller. Dad joined the 546th Bomb Squadron with the James A. Gibson crew on 16 May 1944, and completed his 33rd and final mission on 13 September with an attack on Merseburg. He returned to the States on the Queen Mary shortly thereafter and went on to have a 28-year career with the USAF. He flew his final mission in 1993, but he remains in my heart.

Some visitors to this site may already know of my other 8th Air Force site, the Mighty 8th Cross-Reference that I have had up since mid-2002. I will, of course, continue to maintain that site because its purpose - promoting travel to 8th Air Force sites in England as a way of preserving the memories - is quite different from this site.

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