384th Bomb Group Memorials
There are several monuments and memorials devoted to the 384th BG to be found throughout the United States, as well as continental Europe. This page will feature those monuments, so if you know of any others, send your info to be added to the site!
The matching 384th Bomb Group Memorials found at Grafton-Underwood, England (Left), and The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah, Georgia (Right).
St. James Cathedral, at Grafton-Underwood, England, features the beautiful stained-glass window as a tribute to the 384th BG.

384th Memorial plaques at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Savannah, Georgia
James Traylor, ball-turret gunner on the Jesse Hausenfluck crew, poses proudly beside his aircraft's memorial plaque in Savannah. The crew was shot down on August 17, 1943.
Johnny Butler's crew plaque, with a/c # 42-5852 "The Natural" in tribute. The Butler crew was shot down on Sept. 16, 1943, aboard 42-5849 "Hell's Belles II," and The Natural was abandoned over England returning from Schweinfurt on Oct. 14, 1943, with the crew of Edmund Goulder.

384th BG aircraft crash site Memorials
La Nouette, France

Memorial for the crew of B-17F 42-5849 "Hell's Belles II," shot down September 16, 1943.

If you have info or photos of other crash sites, let me know! Fred Preller