1LT Ralph E. Pulcipher crew (547th BS)
One of the original crews of the 547th BS and assigned to B-17F 42-5843 "Black Ghost." The crew was shot down on the September 6, 1943 raid to Stuttgart, Germany. LT Johnson, SGT Perkins and SGT McLain evaded capture through Spain. The rest of the crew were pow for the duration of the war.
BACK ROW, L-R: 2LT Merle Johnston (CP), 1LT Ralph Pulcipher (P), 1LT William Eudey (N), 1LT Paul Givens (B).

FRONT ROW, L-R: SSGT Thomas Furrey (AG), SSGT Willard McLain (BT), SSGT Albert Gase (TG), TSGT Judson Dacus (TT), SSGT Joe Hawkin (AG), TSGT Asbury Perkins (RO).

Lead Crew, June 26, 1943, mission to Villacoublay, France.

BACK ROW, L-R: LT Bill Eudey (N), CAPT James R. Martin-Veque (Group Navigator), Unknown, LT Ralph Pulcipher (P), COL Budd Peaslee (Group Commander), LT Paul Givens (B).

FRONT ROW, L-R: SGT Asbury Perkins (RO), SGT Willard McLain (BT), SGT Judson Dacus (WG), SGT Tom Furrey (TT), SGT Joe Hawkins (WG).

photos courtesy of Willard McLain