Peterson, Walter T.

Originally assigned crew to B-17G 42-97178 "Sweet Mama." Arrived at Grafton-Underwood in April, 1944. Flew 1st mission on April 27 to Sottevast, France. Flew 30th mission on June 28, 1944 to Junicourt, France.

Back L-R: SSGT Boyd A. Barth, SSGT Edward J. Flinn, SGT Crawford C. Coke, SSGt Anthony Mignano (RO), SGT Homer J. Evans, SGT Roger R. Frederick

Front L-R: 2LT Walter T. Peterson (P), 2LT William A. Malthouse (CP), 2LT Wilbert P. Cunningham (N), 2LT William L. Pitts (B).

B-17G 42-97178 was lost on July 19, 1944, on the mission to Hollsriegelskreuth, Germany, piloted by LT Gerald Heim. 7 KIA and 2 POW.

Download W. Malthouse's flight log (MS Excel .xls, 579K)

Photo and information courtesy of Richard Malthouse.