1LT Donald P. Ogilvie crew (547th BS)
Original crew assigned to B-17F 42-5848, "Patches." Shot down on October 14, 1943 mission to Schweinfurt, Germany by German fighters, aboard B-17G 42-31059. 1 KIA, 3 POW's, 6 EVD's. For an account of the downing, go HERE.
BACK ROW L-R: 2LT Robert B. Kilmer (CP) POW, 1LT William H. Wilson (B) KIA, 1LT Barkley (N, in the hospital on Oct. 14), 1LT Donald P. Ogilvie (P) POW.

FRONT ROW L-R: SSGT Francis R. Sylvia (WG) EVD, TSGT James Murray (RO) EVD, SSGT William E. Martin (WG) EVD, SSGT James W. McKeon (BT) EVD, TSGT Emmett A. Hood (TT) EVD, SSGT Louis L. Ratkiewicz (TG) EVD.

On October 14, 2LT Everett L. Childs (544th BS, not pictured) substituted as Bombardier and became a POW.

Mascot: Winnie Photo courtesy Jim Murray

Gelsenkirchen raid, August 12, 1943. Aircraft is 42-3216 "The Joker" code JD*S.

BACK L-R: Kilmer, Martin, Barkley, Ogilvie and Wilson.
FRONT L-R: Sylvia, Murray, Hood and McKeon

photo courtesy Bill Martin via Russ Cole

Aircraft is 42-5848 "Patches" code SO*R.

BACK L-R: Kilmer, Barkley, Ogilvie and Wilson
FRONT L-R: Sylvia, Hood, Ratkiewicz, Martin, Murray and McKeon.

photo courtesy Bill Martin via Russ Cole