These are links to sites that are directly or indirectly related to my research, as well as sites that give a bit more background as to the role the 8th Air Force played in WWII. All of these sites are extensively linked to other related sites as well, so there is lots o' stuff to check out. For a selected bibliography, click HERE.

Museums and Databases

  • Start here! Heavy Bombers Database

  • The National Archives

  • The Air Force Historical Research Agency: Maxwell AFB

  • Mighty 8th AF Museum

  • 8th Air Force Foundation

  • 8th AF Message Board

  • 96th Bomb Group site

  • 303rd Bomb Group site

  • 379th Bomb Group site

  • 381st Bomb Group site

  • 390th Bomb Group site

  • 8th AF in Europe

    The Luftwaffe

  • 12 O'Clock High! Luftwaffe page

  • JG 2 page

  • JG 26 website

  • JG 54 website

  • Miscellaneous

  • North East England Aircraft Crash Research: See how a pro does it

  • The Aviation Archaeology Web Page

  • Carol Schafer's growing site dedicated to her uncle, Marion Parker

  • The Memphis Belle

  • Screwball Express

  • Carolina Queen

  • Squawkin' Chicken