2LT George B. Keck crew (547th BS)
Original crew assigned to the 547th BS. This crew made a crash-landing aboard B-17F 42-5851 in Bangor, Maine, on May 19, 1943. Upon landing, the brakes failed, and Keck spun the aircraft around to avoid hitting the aircraft in front of him. The crew was shot down on the August 12, 1943 mission to Gelsenkirchen, Germany, aboard B-17F 42-3104, code SO*A. The original ball-turret gunner, Billy Jackson, had been wounded on July 30 and did not fly. He was replaced by William Wolven, from the Johnny Butler crew, who was killed in action.
BACK ROW L-R: William Juart (N), George Keck (P), Ray Gaither (CP), Arthur Bryant (B)

FRONT ROW L-R: Ted Paduch, Weldon Hughes, Frank Hollingsworth, Alfred Reese, Melvin Deville, Billy Jackson

BACK ROW L-R: Ray Gaither (CP), William Juart (N), George Keck (P), Arthur Bryant (B)

FRONT ROW L-R: Alfred Reese, Ted Paduch, Frank Hollingsworth, Billy Jackson, Weldon Hughes, Melvin Deville