2LT James F. Carnes crew (546th BS)
Failed to Return (FTR) Over Water, short of or ran out of fuel aboard B-17F 42-29935 "The Cat's Sass",
20 Dec 43 Missing Aircrew Report (MACR) #1725, 1 Killed in Action (KIA), 9 POWs

Pilot: 2LT James F. Carnes -POW - Stalag Luft 1
Co Pilot: 2LtT William H. Parsons- POW - Stalag Luft 1
Navigator: 2LT Robert J.Pue - POW - Stalag Luft 1
Bombadier: 2LT Jacob S. Kahn -POW - Stalag Luft 1
Top Turret: SSGT Mark A. Meyer - POW -Stalag 17B
Bottom Turret Gunner: Frank E. Doss - POW - Stalag 17B
Radio Operator: SSGT Robert O. Wetherbee - KIA
Left Waist Gunner: SGT William G. Tragellas -POW - Stalag 17B
Right Waist Gunner: SGT Marvin D. McLain - POW -?
Tail Gunner: SGT Jerry A. Crow - POW -025 - Stalag 17B

BACK ROW: Left to Right - Sgt Frank E. Doss, Sgt Jerry A. Crow, Sgt William G. Tragellas, Sgt Marvin D. McLain, SSgt Mark A. Meyer, SSgt Robert O. Wetherbee

FRONT ROW: Left to Right - 2Lt William H. Parsons, 2Lt Jacob S. Kahn, 2Lt Robert J.Pue, 2Lt James F. Carnes

photo courtesy of Zella Meyer via Reece Lusk