F/O Randolph Jacobs crew (544th BS)
One of the first replacement crews assigned to the 384th. On August 17, 1943, Jacobs made a wheels-up landing in B-17F 42-29728 "El Rauncho" at Grafton-Underwood, returning from Schweinfurt, Germany. On December 30, 1943, the crew had to ditch in the North Sea while aboard B-17G 42-31274 "Sea Hag" returning from Ludwigshaven, Germany. The assistant engineer, SGT Aldo Gregori, was lost at sea after becoming tangled in the control cables as the plane was sinking.
Casper WY, May 1943

L-R: D. Cloud - (Left crew, chest injuries), R. Compton - Tailgunner, L. Wager - Right Waistgunner, G. Boger - Co-pilot, R. Jacobs - pilot (KIA), J. Curtin - Navigator (KIA), J. Seible - Bombardier - (KIA), D. Gorham - Ball Turret, J. Goetz - Top turret, A. Gregori - Asst Engineer - Lost at Sea

Jan. 3, 1944, after being fished out of the North Sea:

Back L-R: Don Gorham - Ball Turret
Bob Compton - Tailgunner

Front L-R: Jack Goetz Engineer
Doy Cloud - Radio

Lead Crew, March 2, 1944, mission to Frankfurt, Germany.

Standing L-R: LT R.Jacobs, MAJ A.Nutall, MAJ M. Talbot, LT A. Droque, LT E. Mason, LT A. Allio

Kneeling L-R: SSGT R. Compton, SSGT L. Wager, SSGT E. O'Leary, TSGT J. Goetz, TSGT Purdy

Lead Crew, March 9, 1944, mission to Berlin, Germany.

Standing L-R: H. Sharff, E. Mason, A. Droque, A. Nuttall, R. Jacobs

Kneeling L-R: L. Wager, A. Purdy, R. Compton, J. Goetz, E. Arnold

Lead Crew, March 20, 1944, mission to Frankfurt, Germany.

Standing L-R: J. Curtin, A. Nuttall, R. Jacobs, O. Allio, E. Mason

Kneeling L-R: L. Wager, J. Goetz, D. Gorham, C. Ripley, W. Amstead

Jack Goetz and his A-2 jacket
Four of the original crew having just completed their 25th mission on March 20, 1944.

L-R: L. Wager, J. Goetz, R. Jacobs, D. Gorham

photos courtesy of Jack Goetz