1LT Gerald Hicks (545th BS)
Shot down on March 20, 1945 on a mission to Hamburg, Germany aboard B-17G 42-97271, "Boss Lady" JD*H. Lt. Hicks was injured when the plane was hit and lost. The other crew members were held in Stalag Luft 1 at Barth until the end of the war.

P-1LT Gerald W. Hicks (KIA)
CP-F/O Jesse W. Hendrix (POW)
N-F/O Robert J. Thiefels (POW)
NG-SSGT John A. Gussin (POW)
TT-SSGT William L. Goodman (POW)
RO-SSGT Charles W. Winner (POW)
BT-SGT Robert D. Crocki (POW)
WG-SGT Roger Wolcott, Jr. (POW)
TG-SGT Sherman E. Meek (POW)