Lt. Robert T. Henry Crew, 546th BS
  • Lt. Robert T. Henry (P)
  • Lt. Philip A. Bentley (CP)
  • Lt. Wilfred E. Bouchard (N)
  • F/O Robert A. Pedrigi (He flew none of the missions, his name does not show on the mission reports.)
  • T/Sgt Elmer W. Graper (TT)
  • T/Sgt Arsdel L Fluesmeir (R)
  • S/Sgt Steve G. Bilka (WG)
  • S/Sgt Gabe R. Lucas (WG)
  • S/Sgt Albert D. White (TG)
  • S/Sgt Peter J. Bielskis (BT)

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