LT Jesse Hausenfluck (crew 43)
Original crew from the 544th BS. Assigned plane was B-17F 42-29956 "Vertical Shaft." On August 12, Tailgunner Raymond Gregori was seriously wounded in the raid on Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and received a Silver Star for his heroism.

The crew was shot down on their 11th mission on August 17, 1943, en route to Schweinfurt, Germany. Hit by frontal fighter attack which fatally wounded Pilot and Co-Pilot. remaining crew was taken as POW.

Photos courtesy of James Traylor
BACK L-R: LT Charles Everson (N), LT Jesse D. Hausenfluck (P), LT Robert Kennedy (B), LT Donald MacKenzie (CP), SGT John Blauer (WG)

FRONT L-R: SGT John Kelley (RO), SGT Ray Gregori (TG), SGT James Traylor (BT), SGT Sebastian Bucheri (WG), SGT John Kilcourse (TT).

Mascot-Delbert McNasty

BACK L-R: LT Jesse D. Hausenfluck (P), LT Charles Everson (N), LT Robert Kennedy (B), LT Donald MacKenzie (CP)

FRONT L-R: SGT James Traylor (BT), SGT John Blauer (WG), SGT John Kilcourse (TT), SGT Ray Gregori (TG), SGT John Kelley (RO), SGT Sebastian Bucheri (WG) .

LT Jesse Hausenfluck