1LT Kenneth E. Gross crew (545th BS)
P 2nd Lt. Kenneth E. Gross
CP 2nd Lt. Wallace A. Storey
N 2nd Lt. Kenneth J. Nelson
B F/O Robert C. Hassard
EG S/Sgt. Wilbert G. Brickner
AEG Cpl. Jesse L. Johnson
ROG Sgt. Dean R. Hepner
AROG Sgt. Edward B. Stone
AG Sgt. Kniland E. Todd
AAG Cpl. Allen G. Carson

This crew began flying combat in August 1944, and flew through February 1945. After the first 16 missions, Wallace Storey took over as Pilot, with 1LT James Sweeney flying as co-pilot for another 19 missions, totaling 35.

photo courtesy of Wallace Storey