2LT Loren L. Green Crew
BACK L-R: SSGT Nolan J Bordelon (ENG),SGT Edmond M. McAnally (WG), SGT Robert A. Myers (RO), SGT Frank (NMI) Vaniglia (BT), CPL Richard E Sutphin (WG), SGT Donald A. Zager (TG)

FRONT L-R: 2LT Loren L Green (P), 2LT Edward W Abbott Jr (CP), 2LT Philip (NMI) Seydel (N), 2LT Albert F. Thielen Jr (B).

Note: CPL Richard E Sutphin, was discharged from this crew on arrival at the 384th Bomb Group. SGT Frank Vaniglia was KIA on October 5, 1944 over Cologne, Germany substituting as the BT gunner on the crew of LT Robert Birkhead aboard B-17G 43-38579. LT Seydel became a lead Navigator. LT Theilen was sent home after flying a couple of missions with a bad back. He spent the rest of the war in Air Force hospitals before being discharged. LT Abbott flew about twenty missions with this crew before being made first pilot flying with a crew made up of various personnel. The rest of the crew flew out their missions together.