Crew 3 - 2Lt Robert B. Kilner, 547th BS
  • 2LT Robert B Kilner Jr
  • F/O Charlie A Brooks
  • 2LT Thomas E Carson Jr
  • 2LT Chauncey H Hicks
  • SSGT Harbert J Haigh
  • SSGT Raymond E Harman
  • SSGT Eugene T Richard, Jr
  • SSGT Jack T Sharp
  • SGT Francis MacKay
  • SSGT Thomas E Wilke
Above verified with Gowen SO # 70, 11 MARCH 1943
(This crew does not appear on the overseas movement order, Kearney SO # 96, 17 May 1943)

While this crew is on the original order assigning crews to the 384th, no further record of their service with the 384th has been found, with the possible exception of the pilot Kilner - or "Kilmer" - who may have been shot down and taken prisoner on the 14 October 1943 mission to Schweinfurt, while serving as co-pilot to Ogilvie.

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