Crew 16 - 2Lt George T. Riches, 545th BS

The crew was shot down on the group's 2nd mission, June 25, 1943 to Hamburg, Germany.

  • 2LT George T. Riches (KIA 6/25/43)
  • FO Colby A. Waugh (replaced by Richard McCray while State-side, KIA 6/25/43).
  • 2LT Donald J. Irwin
  • 2LT William Boomhower
  • SSGT Bernard H. Anderson
  • SSGT William T. Waller
  • SSGT Guy E. Smith
  • SSGT Freeman S. Penney
  • SSGT Stanley S. Martin
  • SSGT Ralph E. Lavoie (POW 6/25/43)

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