2LT William Bigelow crew (547th BS)
Replacement crew assigned to the 547th BS on July 3, 1943. Shot down on the August 12, 1943 mission to Gelsenkirchen, Germany, aboard B-17F 42-29686 "Pie-Eyed Piper," code SO*B. While flying in coffin-corner, the plane was attacked by 4 Fw 190's from the rear, which shot the vertical stabilizer off. All but one of the crew bailed out. The rest became POW's.
BACK ROW L-R: William Bigelow, Richard G. Hill, Walter Humphreys, Earl H. Price

FRONT ROW L-R: George M. Fulton, William L. Hamilton, Walter Nowotny, Michael Lome, William G. Bartels, Martin L. Parisot

photo courtesy of Martin Parisot