The "PLANE NEWS" was published at Grafton Underwood during WWII

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Three issues of the "PLANE NEWS" are available
Contributor Patricia Louise (Woodall) Nellis
Arthur J. Woody Woodall's dtr.
Fred Preller Fred Preller
Full Document
~6-7.5MB each
Christmas 1943 New Year's 1945 Spring 1945
Individual Pages
~1.5MB each
Christmas 1943, Page 1
Christmas 1943, Page 2
Christmas 1943, Page 3
Christmas 1943, Page 4
New Year's 1945, Page 1
New Year's 1945, Page 2
New Year's 1945, Page 3
New Year's 1945, Page 4
Spring 1945, Page 1
Spring 1945, Page 2
Spring 1945, Page 2a
Spring 1945, Page 3
Spring 1945, Page 4

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