B-17G 42-97449 "Sweetheart"
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"Sweetheart" was shot down by flak and fighters on the July 19, 1944 mission to Hollsriegelskreuth, Germany. The pilot, 2LT James Bodker, made a successful belly landing in a field 2 KM east of the village of Mils on 1 engine, with the stabilizer shot away. All 10 crewmen were taken as POW's.

The crew was:

P-2LT James M. Bodker
CP-2LT George G. Brandon (wounded)
N-2LT Albert L. Steindam JR
B-SSGT Carlyle O. Telford
TT-SSGT Cyrus C. Gullekson
R-SSGT Max M. Hostetler (wounded)
BT-SGT Henry W. Chandler
WG- SGT Joda Evans JR (wounded)
TG-SGT Warren R. Robinson (wounded)