B-17G 43-38757 "Peaslee's Payoff"

547th BS code SO*L, photographed after crash-landing at Grafton-Underwood Honington, Suffolk (1st Strategic Air Depot ). This crash-landing occurred on 8th May 1945 and the pilot was 2nd Lt. Wallace S. Davidson. Ironic really: V-E Day! (Tony P.)

This aircraft was returned to the US base at Bradley Field, CT on 7/11/45 and was then sent to Kingman, AZ where it was salvaged. It flew the final mission of the war and the mission list shows no lapse of more than a few days between its missions, indicating the C/L was post war. Also no gun barrels show in the photo. Ironic that the fuselage code, SO-L (S--- Out of Luck) was on another aircraft which also ended up on its belly. (Ken Decker)

photo courtesy of Tony Plowright